Circle Line Art School: How to Create an Art Portfolio Website

Circle Line Art School: How to Create an Art Portfolio Website

Hi, Tom here, in this Circle Line Art School video I’d like to show you one way in which you can build your own online art
portfolio website so that you can showcase the art that you make, in this video you’ll see how I put
together a website portfolio of my own drawings, something that I’ve been
wanting to do for a long time, I was recently contacted by a company called wix, who are kindly sponsoring this video today, wix is a
website builder that enables you to make fantastic looking professional online
art portfolios Wix website builder is available for
free if you go to and then use the promo code: Circle 15 you’ll get 15% of a yearly premium plan,
by using your code: Circle15 let’s get started, first step is to go to
and sign up for a new account, once you put in your email and the password you
can start to create your own first site, so what website do I want? well, I want a portfolio, so I’ll click here, now I have a choice, I think I’d like to choose a template, I think I’ll look
the creative arts here, here’s visual arts, you can view the template before
you choose it, so that you can see what it will look like online, so they all
look great but I think I’ll stick to this template, art school, so let’s work
out how to edit this template, the best aspects of wix, for me, is the
way you can drag-and-drop and move any element that you see on the page, you can
just see what you are doing as you do it, you can use this undo button here at the
top if you get in a mess and there are lots of options to change the look of
everything, I think I’ll start with this text box
here, it says creativity, if I just click on the text box, then I can select this
edit text option and change the text to what I want, I want it to say: Circle Line Art School, right, now, I’d like to add an image above
this text, so if I go over here to this add button on the left, this plus button
on the left, then choose image, then my image uploads, then I can select upload
media, here, then upload from computer, from my computer, I will go to my
documents and open a folder where I keep some of the drawing files that are on my
computer, now I think I will select all of these image files of mine, so that I
can move them from my computer and then in that way I have all of the images I
want at hand when I’m building the site, now I can select one of these images and
then click add to page, now I can drag and drop and resize this logo of mine,
until I have it just right, just how I like it and I’ll know that because when
it looks right it is right, next I want to change the background of this
template to a clear background, so I just click on the background area and select
change strip background and now I have lots of choices, I think I’ll see what
that looks like, so that looks great, that’s the top of my page done, now if I
scroll down, this template has a gallery, an image gallery, here it is, this is an
image gallery, with various pictures on it and it looks great, but I want to change the
images to make them my own, so if I click here, on manage media, and now I see all
of the images have numbers to them and I want to replace the first number, the
first image, with my own image, so I go replace image here, I select replace
image and then it opens up my loaded up media files that I’ve really loaded up,
click on one of my images and then add to page, and now we see it there, now I
can keep going through, selecting my own images for each one of these, add to page, replace image,I think I will choose that one, add
page, replace image, add to page, replace image, add to page, replace image, add to page, replace image, add to page, and then replace image, add to page, so now I’ve got a series of images and I’ll click done! next let’s make a quick gallery from
scratch, first go to the plus button, up here on the sidebar, and then click on
the add and then here we can see a variety of
options and we want to go to the strip, which is going to give us a blank area
on the template, so scroll down and select strip, then I
want a white strip, so I’ll choose classic and then white and click on
there and now I have this area here which is a new strip, now on this strip I
want to add a gallery, so I go back to the add button on the sidebar, I click on
that and then this time rather than strip, I can choose gallery and then here
we’ve got a whole selection of different designs of galleries which you can just
choose one, I think I’ll use this animated slide here, under more galleries,
so if I click on that, then the gallery has landed onto the white strip that I
just chose and within this gallery I can now change the elements within it to
make it just the way I want, so the first thing I’ll do is to change the image,
because I don’t want the template image so I click on change images
and then I want to add images and then we find my uploaded media and just for
speed I’ll choose one of these, I click on it, add to gallery, so the first image
in this slide place is going to be this one, let me replace just another image as
well, so I chose that one I think I choose
this one, choose image, so the first two images of mine and I’ll do those some
other time, here we could change the title of these
and the description, but I won’t do that now, I’ve just pressed done, and now we
have the image here, my drawing, next we can add a title and a
description to our image here, so I think I’ll go on to images and for this image
here which we’ve got up I can change that to whatever I want, I
think I’ll just call it Drawing One, and then we can describe our image here, and then if you wanted to you could add
a link here, and then just click done and now we got Drawing One, a Drawing! on here
there are some other icons, so settings, layouts and designs, so layouts, for
example, with the text we can just click that and it moves see text alignment to
justification in the middle and then to side, I think I’ll keep it where it is
and then here with the design we could change this gallery again, but I might
just customize my design a little bit, so here on the slide that were on at the
moment, you’ve got this color, so I click on the color and then I can choose some
other color and straight away see which one works best, so I think I might stay
with that one there, so we just stick with that, now we have a new gallery, if
you go up to here you can switch the view of your website, so you can see what
it looks like on a desktop and also you can switch to see what it looks like on
a mobile, I’m really pleased with the look of this
new art portfolio that I’m building on,
I hope you’re encouraged to build your own online art gallery! it is great fun to
play with and to be able to make a professional looking website to showcase
your art, if you’re interested in trying this out, I would provide the links in
description for this video, thank you very much for watching this video, I hope
you check out my new website:, thanks for watching and
see you next video! Wix website builder is available for
free if you go to and then use the code: Circle15, you’ll get 15% of a yearly premium plan by using your code: Circle15


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    Thomas Digiovanni

    Ha now we can finally match the voice to the face of these fantastic drawings… nice to meet cha there Mr Tom…🤣

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    Stephen smith

    Thanks Tom ….. educational and informative. Such a master craftsman… brilliant tutorial. Your voice and now your face projects kindness, I do hope that is reciprocal in your life because you give so much to others.

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