Best Text to Speech Software PAID But use it FREE For Lifetime

Best Text to Speech Software PAID But use it FREE For Lifetime

hello guys welcome to my YouTube channel
once again i hope you guys are doing absolutely fine this is my first voice over so
I’m bit nervous but I think you will forgive me for any mistakes today I’m
going to share with you how you can get premium quality voice over sound for
your videos using a text to speech software most of you are searching best
text to speech software online but most of them are paid and heavy softwares some
people shared those software’s with it’s crack online
but as you know nowadays crack tools are so much harmful or PC
yes you heard that right there are some dangerous virus as like trozan or ransomeware which
which may cause serious issue to your computer that’s why I want to share with you a simple
idea that can help you to get rich quality-text 2 speech voice in your videos
and even I use this method in My previous videos ok so without wasting time let’s
start the tutorial and role the intro hey friends if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel then subscribe now to get new videos every week & join our
Facebook group premium share to get new secret tips and tricks every day
first of all manage your text in a notepad then rearrange it comma and
full stop where needed then go to your Google Chrome browser
and type natural reader online visit the link now paste ur text here in the blank
box and choose those voices from premium or plus voices there are a lot of
quality voice that you can choose which one you like most most and i like this tool because it
helps you to convert any webpage or any article direct into a audio file
anyway as soon as u choose your voice then time on the play button and record that
audio with any audio recorder or you can use Camtasia or apowersoft audio recorder now
you know you have to remember one thing this site only give you 5 min voice rec based on your internet IP so if your video require more than that you
can download a VPN or simply add an extension to your browser then
change the IP and after that you can visit that site and do the further tasks
I hope you enjoy this video hit the like button and to comment below share with
your friends see you in the next video have a great day


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