Best Fiverr Gigs for YouTubers and Entrepreneurs — 7 Fiverr Tips and Tricks

Best Fiverr Gigs for YouTubers and Entrepreneurs — 7 Fiverr Tips and Tricks

– So there are so many things that go into being a video creator and
a content creator online these days, beyond just
creating the content itself. I mean things like logo design, music, video editing, marketing, things like SEO. And so in this video I want to share seven of my favorite gigs from Fiverr, one of the best websites for
budget minded entrepreneurs to find freelancers for their projects to crush all of that
stuff and more, coming up. (techno music) Hey what’s up, Sean here with THiNK Media, helping you with the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel we do
a lot of tech gear reviews, but also strategy videos like this one for helping you go further faster building your brand online. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So I’m super pumped to be collaborating with Fiverr on this video, because really it’s one of the secret weapons that I’ve been using for years,
to grow my business. So I’m excited to share some
of my favorite use cases and gigs with you, so let’s jump into it. So first of all, what is Fiverr? Well, it’s an online
marketplace that allows lean entrepreneurs to
find freelance services that fit their budget and their timeline for whatever projects
they may be working on. And originally it started out because a lot of the jobs on there
were just five dollars. It was like, you can get an intro video for your YouTube channel for five dollars. And that’s still true
today, in fact it’s stunning how many cool gigs there
are for five dollars, but it’s also kind of grown from there. There are some where
they maybe start cheap, but if you invest a little bit more you can get some very serious, impressive projects accomplished
that go up from there. And so there’s a lot of different
options and opportunities on Fiverr and so here are my top seven. So number one, one of my favorite gigs to look for on Fiverr, is an
animated logo for your videos. Another thing to call
these is a logo stinger. And that’s what you’d see at the beginning of a YouTube video,
maybe it’s five seconds, maybe it’s 10 seconds, maybe it’s longer, and maybe it’s got graphics,
it’s kind of impressive, it’s got some 3-D, it has some motion. Fiverr is a great place to
get an affordable video bumper for your content on
YouTube or anywhere else. For example, check out this kind of glitch style video bumper. Now the investment here
would be 10 dollars and you’ve got a super
cool intro for your videos. Now there’s another
gig that’s five dollars and you can get a variety
of different intros and this creator and
freelancer’s already doing 4K. So super cool video bumper options and there’s a lot to check
out on Fiverr overall. But as far as my quick tip here, just for best practices
on YouTube in general, I think that you should never go really over 10 seconds on a video bumper. So whatever gig that you
may find keep it short, because, you know,
peoples’ attention spans, they want to get back to
the content of the video. Make it punchy, find one that is quick, that gets the message
across, but then get back to the content in your
videos as quick as possible. The second gig that I think Fiverr is great for, is logo design. Now maybe you want a
logo for your channel, or maybe you want a logo
for just a digital product that you are making or a logo for a one off brand or
something that you’re doing, a lot of different opportunities, not just a macro logo for
like your entire brand, but even just smaller projects. Now, a tip here is inside of Fiverr there’s a way to rate the gigs by really highest rated or by
average customer review, so that you can kind
of get past, you know, maybe tons of gigs that are in Fiverr and find the very best
ones that you know are from the most professional
freelancers that are on there. The third type of gig that
I like using Fiverr for, is video SEO, now what is that? That’s search engine optimization and when you do it on YouTube or for video it’s video search engine optimization. And so one of the gigs that I like using is from Octel Systems. What he’ll do is he’ll embed your video in 75 different blog
posts, which essentially creates a back link to
your YouTube videos. Now that’s just one of the ranking factors is how many, you know, links are linking to your video off of YouTube. So that’s why it’s like an SEO service. For five dollars you’re going to get more back links to your
video, which, again, is probably not going to
rank your video alone, you need things like good
content, good watch time, but something like that are
things that can stack value, if you’re trying to get your
videos to rank in search. There are other gigs that will do the SEO on your channel for you, or they’ll do the SEO of a specific video, meaning they’ll find the best keywords and optimize your YouTube videos. And again, I would really
recommend always look for the highest rated
sellers when doing this. And then finally, I love
this gig right here, because this person
will do up to 15 minutes of transcribing your YouTube
video for just five dollars. I know of other services
that are out there that are a dollar a minute, so in a way that’s like a 30 percent or 60 percent off kind of discount, depending
on how long your video is. And again, that will help your SEO. If you put closed captions on your videos, then Google can actually
see the words you say in your videos, which is better overall for getting your videos to show up in search, to be optimized for search. So if you’re not closed
captioning your videos yet, maybe consider setting aside
a little bit of your budget. You could do it yourself,
or if you want to streamline the process and
just have somebody else who has got good ratings
on spelling, on grammar, on doing that well and
just giving you a file that you could just
upload directly to YouTube so that your closed captions are on point, that’s definitely a gig that I recommend for YouTubers and video creators. The fourth gig that I
think Fiverr’s super cool for is voice over work or music. And so I actually, this is a
job I’m working on right now, is doing some rebranding
here on THiNK Media TV and working with a voice over artist for some new intros that
we’re going to be using as well as some Livestream stuff. And what’s incredible
is, again, the job that I’m working on is five bucks, right? Like I’m going to have
everything that I need with the vibe that I want for
five dollars, it’s ridiculous! And so I recommend looking through some of the voice over jobs and gigs, finding the right, you
know, male or female voice that you may want, different styles. And this of course could
be cool for combining with an intro, maybe you’d
get like a logo stinger and then you want some
kind of verbal voice over that happens during it, that
sort of builds your brand. Or this would also work for
a podcast kind of intro, or maybe other content
that you’re doing online where you’d need some voice over work. The fifth best gig for
YouTubers, video creators and content creators,
would be an eBook cover. Now you might say, Sean,
I’m not thinking about designing an eBook, and that’s fine, but what I would really
recommend and kind of a power tip here, is
that smart influencers are building their e mail lists. And so one of the things that, you know, I’m doing even here on THiNK Media TV that you may know about, is we give away a free video gear buyer’s guide. And the reason why is because I want you to be able to join our e mail list so you can be on the inner circle of THiNK Media TV for two reasons, number one so we can
send you more cool stuff and kind of be able to just give you news and updates right to your e mail inbox, but the second reason is, who knows what’s going to happen with YouTube or podcasting or Facebook
or any social platform? If you’re not building an e mail list, what happens if the
algorithm changes tomorrow and you can’t reach your subscribers? What happens if, you
know, Facebook’s algorithm gets even worse and you can’t
reach your Facebook likes, you know, whatever it is,
that’s why you want to build an e mail list and one of
the best ways to do that is to give away like a free guide. Sometimes they call these white papers, they call them PDF downloads, check lists, something that relates to your brand that you can give away for free in exchange for an e mail list and the contact information
of somebody else so you can stay in touch with them. And so maybe, again,
you’re not a designer, Fiverr is a great way to get just like a quick cover design
for a free check list, for a PDF done, or maybe
you are doing things like eBooks, you could
use it for that as well. And so definitely a gig to check out and something to maybe
include in your strategy, how are you going to build
your e mail list this year and what are you going to give away free in exchange for people
opting into your e mail list? But also, if you need any
graphic design services at all, Fiverr’s a great marketplace with a lot of killer freelancers,
some really budget jobs and then also some that you can spend more and get some pretty
incredible work done as well. Now number six also is kind
of a graphic design job, but specifically this would be your social media images and
covers specifically. So there is a couple cool gigs and jobs that will get your YouTube
cover designed for you, and, you know, maybe that’s
not something you want to do, or not something you know how to do. They’re of course going to
get the dimensions right, they’re going to get the layout right, so that it looks proper on
all the different devices, depending on what resolutions
are and things like that. But there’s also some gigs that will do like whole social media packages, your Facebook cover, your Twitter cover, your YouTube cover, your avatar images. You know there’s so many
different moving parts to really being an online influencer and building your brand online, those are some graphic design packages that I would recommend investing in, especially if that’s not your skill set or it’s not even something
that you want to learn. There even is a gig that
will do an end screen for you according to the new
YouTube end screen layout. So if, again, you want
somebody to just design something up that you
can just use consistently in video after video, that
would be something to check out. And one Fiverr power tip here, is a lot of the gigs
offer rush processing. So sometimes you might pay five bucks and the turn around time’s
going to be like seven days. Maybe it’s not a big deal,
you’re like cool, I can wait. But some of the gigs will say, you know, it’s just five bucks,
but if you want it done in two days, instead of seven, you could just add a few extra dollars to that. So that’s something
that I’ve done at times, if we like launch a
video and I need to get something done right away, I’ll sometimes go for that rushed processing on Fiverr. And then tip number seven
for the best gigs on Fiverr for YouTubers, is just be
creative and here’s what I mean. I think that there’s
a lot of possibilities as you start approaching this space. One of them could be actually
becoming a seller yourself. Maybe you have some of the skills that I’ve been talking
about in this video, or even different skills,
you could become a freelancer on Fiverr and build your income that way. I actually discovered a
YouTuber that’s on Fiverr that will review products for companies and she’ll do a 30 second
video on her channel for, I think, 25 dollars, 60
seconds and then it goes up, all the way up to like 90
seconds and it’s 45 dollars, and she makes even more
if you do rush processing to get the video done right away. And I went over and checked out her channel and she is crushing jobs. So maybe you’re looking for a way to really monetize your channel
in a whole different way and this whole freelancer perspective would be a great way
to do it and Fiverr has already created the infrastructure for you to be able to sell your freelance services in their marketplace, so that’s one way to get creative. The other thing is to
maybe just think about, take a step back and
think about how you could use Fiverr to solve other
things that you want to do. For instance, you can have somebody set up your WordPress blog or a website for you. This typically is a little bit more expensive, but this would be nice. Maybe you haven’t thought
about making a blog, I saw this job right here, which is kind of a chic WordPress blog. So maybe you have a
lifestyle or beauty channel, this looks really, really good and what this could do
is give you a home base to work with brands, it could give you a really clean, well laid out blog. And one of the keys to getting your videos to rank on YouTube and to
just get more discoverability is embedding your videos in a blog. But if you don’t have one yet, not only could you set
up the blog for branding, for awareness, for if
you want to build it out and put more information about you for having a landing page, but also a way to maybe put one video out a week, now you can embed it in your awesome blog that you have them create. And, again, you’re going
to invest a little bit more in the best projects on
Fiverr, but it’s still so much of a better value compared to other freelance services out there. Another gig I saw was
one that will actually set up your entire YouTube
channel for you from scratch. So maybe you’ve been wanting
to start a YouTube channel for a long time and you’re
all about creating videos, but you haven’t actually
wanted to set up your channel and do all of the design
and the heavy lifting that goes into that, you can
send it to Fiverr, right, and just get that done so you can focus on what’s most important and that is creating the actual content to
build your brand online. And so, get creative. In fact, if you want to check out Fiverr, of course there’s links
in the description below, but everything is at And I encourage you to just go over and look what’s available
in the marketplace. You know, type in a few different things, think about maybe a
list of the things that aren’t done yet that
you want to accomplish for building your channel,
for branding your channel, graphic design, for taking
things to another level with audio or music or even
video editing services, there’s a lot of different things. Get creative, if you want to see all that stuff it’s at And, to get 20 percent off
any order on, use the promo code
THINK when checking out. And, as usual, we’ll link everything up as well as some other details
in the description below. Question of the day, have
you ever used Fiverr before? Let me know in the
comments section and maybe you have some favorite
gigs for content creators and for building your brand online, definitely post some of your details and your experience in the
comments section below. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. Hit the like button if you
got value out of this video. And remember, THiNK
Media TV is helping you with the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.


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