Beginners WordPress Tutorial! Learn how to build a website with WordPress. How To WordPress #1

Beginners WordPress Tutorial! Learn how to build a website with WordPress. How To WordPress #1

WordPress can be one of the best ways to build
a website, it can also be one of the most frustrating and confusing ways of building
a website if you don’t understand how the platform works and what tools you need. In this short video series on how to build
a website with WordPress I’m going to give you all the information that you need to get
an understanding of how WordPress works so that you can confidently get started building
a website with WordPress. I’m Tim from and it’s
my mission to help you find the best ways of building a website easily and do it with the
the tools that will help you get great results. So Let’s take a look at what the WordPress
Platform is all about. The first thing that you should know about
WordPress is that there are actually 2 versions of WordPress. This is something that can be really confusing
to people especially if you are just starting out. The first version of WordPress is the version
that you will find at This version of WordPress is part of an all
in one website building platform. That means that everything that you need to
build your website is provided by That can be a really great thing for keeping
your life simple. but there is a down side to that and that
is that you are limited by the tools that you can use. The managers of decide all of
the tools that are allowed to use to build your website with. There are some great tools available for building
websites on the platform but the selection is limited. The second version of WordPress is the
version. This is the open source version of WordPress. What that means is that you can download and
use the WordPress software for free. And You are also free to add to, modify and improve
the basic code of the software. But if you are like me you probably aren’t
very good at coding, but the fact that the software is free for anyone to add to and
modify means that lots of people who are really good at writing code have done just that. Almost anything that you can think to do with
a website someone out there has writing a theme or plugin to help you do that, with WordPress. Some of these add-ons are free and some are
paid, but the fact there are so many is what makes the version such
a powerful tool. Another great thing about the
version is that you can download and have your own copy of the software, this is a really
a powerful thing. With the all-in-one website type platforms you
are completely depended on the company that runs that platform to stay in business in
order for your website to keep running. With WordPress you have your own copy of the
software and you can move your website to any hosting computer that you want to and
keep your site running. You aren’t dependent on any one company
to keep your website up and running. All of this freedom with the
version is a great thing but it does mean that you have some more responsibilities. The version of WordPress is
a CMS or Content Management System. That means that downloading the WordPress
software is not enough to make a website. A content management system is kind of like
the operation system of your computer or the powertrain and frame of your car. It’s the base platform but it’s not a
complete website system on its own. Fortunately there are some really great options
available that can make building a website with the version really easy. In the next video I’m going to cover what
you need to setup in order to build a Website with WordPress.


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    The Motherhood Radio KAKU 88.5 FM Radio

    i think i have the not .org how do i change that. and would u suggest bluehost or libsyn for my host im creating my page for my podcast

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    Sam Hall

    This is fantastic! It's great to see a video on WordPress that's a tutorial instead of a sales pitch.

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