B Image Slider – Responsive Image Slider for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 Configuration

B Image Slider – Responsive Image Slider for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 Configuration

This video will show you how to configure
B Image Slider for a Joomla template. B Image Slider is an independent extension from ByJoomla,
which can be combined easily with any other themes to create outstanding promotion area.
In this tutorial, we take B Metis template as the base theme to present B Image Slider.
All Joomla 3 template of ByJoomla team can be configured in the same way. Firstly, go
to homepage of B Metis 3.2 demo site. You can see an overview of Image Slider. Its located
in advert 1 position. It includes image, photo name, and photo description. Now go to administrator panel to clearly see how to change it.
BJ Image Slider is on Component>>bj-image-slider There are three settings of the slider content
for you First, in Configuration, you can customize
width and height of new or available slider and thumbnail. Be careful to choose suitable
size for your website. Second, create a new category in Manage Category
Click New, fill in Category name, and then choose published and final save&close Step 3: Continue moving to Manage-Image to create slides and its contents You can fill in the Photo name. Choose published And choose the category In photo description, you can type the
text Lastly, Choose file to choose image
for slide After that, save & close In particular, to show the new image slider, you have to create a new module and assign
it to appropriate position in Module Manager Click New, choose BJ Image Slider 3 Firstly, Fill in Title, you can choose show or hide title Next you have to choose category id you have created For the Slider Stye, you can choose Metis or default Lastly choose any position what you want such
as right position. Save change then you see the new Slider is located on the right position Now go to front-end. Refresh and see the changes. As you can see, the new Image Slider position is in homepage 2. Its located in right position. You can create
new Image Slider in any position in your website Thanks for your watching


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    Ferdinand Pajarillaga

    The links not working i want to download the b image slider, can you help me how can i get the zip file? thanks

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