Auto posting Joomla Content to Facebook Wall, Facebook Pages Facebook Groups

Auto posting Joomla Content to Facebook Wall, Facebook Pages  Facebook Groups

obSocialSubmit Connections have different plugins to post Joomla updates on each social network They are the Connections in Components>>obSocialSubmit>>Connections Click>to create a new one For Facebook we have these 3 Connections. Let’s try out Facebook. It will submit autoposts on your personal Facebook Wall You can see that we Application API from Facebook to make it work You will need to register an Application with Facebook to receive one But let’s give this Connection a Title first Before we go ask for API keys Remember that you have to register your Facebook account as Developer before you can create a Facebook auto posting application You can read the instruction at if you don’t know how to do it Go to Apps>>Create a New App on the Top Menu And fill the form for your new App You application Namespace must be unique You may have to try several times to get an available one Fill the Captcha form to prove that you are a human And Facebook will create an application for your auto posting Here it is! You can see that your App Id and App Secret are already available But your application is not ready to be used yet Some configuration still need to be done in Settings Click on + Add Platform when you got there And choose>for your application Go back to your Joomla! site and copy its URL You need it for the>and>values for your application Platform Save the Changes, and you are done setting up your Facebook Application To use for auto posting on both Facebook Wall and Facebook Groups, as well as you Facebook Pages Now copy your App Id and App Secret to obSocialSubmit Facebook Connection Click Save to trigger the next setup step In the reloaded page you will see a blue>button When clicking on it a pop-up window will appear Asking you to give the Facebook App you’ve created the right to access you Facebook profile and post on your behalf Accept it and your obSocialSubmit will be connected to your Facebook It’s not neccessary for a test setup up, but let’s decide the length of your Facebook post descriptions here Save your Connection Now we can go back to obSocialSubmit Dashboard to test it This is the place to test all Connections to your social networks Type a message here and click>If the activated Connections below are setup with valid information, your message wil be posted on your social networks Here come the post success message You can go to your Facebook Wall to check if the message is actually posted on it Here, the message appeared on my Facebook We’ve successfully setup the Facebook Connection Again, go to obSocialSubmit Connection to create a new one Choose Facebook Pages this time. It wil take care of auto posting on the Facebook Pages where you are an administrator Give it a name so you can tell what it does And some description if needed Then setup the connection with Facebook App Id and App Secret Save your Connection to trigger the connecting step The button you will see this time is “Load Facebook Pages” After clicking on it you will be navigated to a list of your Facebook pages. Select the ones you want to authorize obSocialSubmit to automatically submit your Joomla articles to And Save your Connection when you are navigated back to the Setup page It’s exactly the same with Facebook Group Connection Except that it will work with Facebook Groups where you are a member You also need to give it a Title And a pair of App Id and App Secret Just copy them here from your Facebook Application Save the settings to trigger the connection step And click on the> button when it shows up You can check multiple Groups to promote your Joomla updates on automatically Now that we’ve setup all 3 Facebook Connections We can test how they work in the real Joomla! environment By accessing an Adapter and activate them So that they can receive data from this Adapter for auto posting on Facebook This Adapter makes content for auto posting from Joomla! Content Articles So let’s create a new item in Joomla Content for testing There are some options for this Adapter that allow you to control if you want to submit a Joomla! item to social networks or not during an update But it will come with the Tutorial on setting up obSocialSubmit Adapters. You can see obSocialSubmit auto posting report messages right after saving your Joomla item Next thing we need to do is going to your real Facebook account To check the actual promotion of your Joomla! item on it This is my personal Facebook Wall You can see the article we’ve just created in Joomla Content has been automatically posted here Now let’s go to the Facebook Group that obSocialSubmit is supposed to auto post your Joomla updates on And the Facebook Page we’ve connected with obSocialSubmit too Here it is, the post obSocialSubmit automatically generated is posted on your behalf On both my Facebook Group and Facebook Page With the structure I’ve setup using my Adapter Place Holders I will get back with a tutorial on how to do it. Please subscribe to our Channel if that’s what you are interested in.


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