99 Designs Video Tutorial – How To Use Graphic Design Crowdsourcing site 99Designs.com

99 Designs Video Tutorial – How To Use Graphic Design Crowdsourcing site 99Designs.com

What I want to show you today is another terrific
website that shows you the power of crowd resourcing. What that means is that instead
of just working with one individual, you work with a whole crowd. In this case, it’s to do with design: this
is called 99designs and it’s a website that allows you to utilize a crowd of designers.
In this case, you can see they’ve got two hundred and sixty thousand-some designers,
all looking to do work for you on whatever your design needs happen to be: whether that’s
a logo or a website design; business cards; t-shirts; kind of pretty much whatever. So how this one works is that you basically
set a design spec saying you want a logo or a t-shirt or whatever and you set a prize
amount: whoever wins is going to make this amount of money. So let’s have a little
look at how that works: clicking on the “Get Started Now”, you can see here that when
you launch a design contest, firstly you pick out whether you want a logo or website or
advertising or what have you, and they give you a guideline about the prize money that
they are looking for. So in this case for example, a book or a magazine cover from two
hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Now I want to be super clear: this is not
the cheapest way to do this; this is one of the better ways to do this. For example, if
we wanted a book cover we could go to Fiverr and you could type in, for example, “book
cover” and when you do, you can see here there are eleven-thousand, six hundred-odd
people who’d like to design a book cover for you. However, they’re only going to
design from the perspective of one designer: so if you like the cover design, good; if
you don’t, tough. Another alternative is to work with a website
called Elance. If you look for designers on Elance, for example, you’ll find there are
(in this case) thirty-six thousand people who are willing to design for you. Again however,
this is going to be an individual or at best a little bureau. So if you want to get a lot of different options,
if you want to get fifty or a hundred different covers to choose from, crowd competitions
are the way to go. So let me show you some examples of the kind of work you’ll be getting.
Now down here on the front page, you can see some examples of previous competitions. Let’s
have a look here: this one is for a logo. You can see this person wanted a logo for
the aviation industry, and they put three hundred and ninety-four dollars up as the
prize, thirty-nine designers competed and there were one hundred and sixty-eight different
logos. Let’s have a look at some of those and you
can see here as we move through there are lots and lots. These are the top entries;
let’s look at all of the entries and you can see here there are simply dozens and dozens
and dozens and dozens of entries. So what you do is as the competition is progressing—and
see here: there are pages and pages of options here—you are guiding the designers to say
which ones you like and which ones you don’t like and what you need. You can see some of
those were withdrawn over the course of time. Let’s go back to another design competition;
in this case, let’s look at this one: this is for packaging. So again, six hundred and
twenty dollars was the competition prize: thirty designers, one hundred and thirty-four
entries; and if you click in here, you can see some of the top entries for that particular
piece of packaging. So the way that 99designs works is it’s
leveraging the crowd: the skills of an entire crowd of designers based on one person winning.
Not everybody agrees with this way of working, because of course if there’s one designer
winning that’s twenty-nine who don’t get paid at all. But certainly, it’s a great
way to get loads of options when it comes to design. When it comes to talking about your virtual
team (which this is one aspect), please don’t forget to have a little look at TimLevy.net.
The book that’s most relevant is probably this one here, called The Entrepreneurial
Handbook, which talks about the concepts, tools and processes that you need to build
a terrific dynamic global team and it talks about Fiverr and Elance as well. All right, I hope this video has been very
useful to you talking about 99designs.


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    Annie Marie Peters

    I've only recently started hearing about 99designs.  I'm excited to try it out.  Your 99 design tutorial is my first step!

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    Lucas Cabrillana

    If you need the payoneer card and want to get $25 use the following link, we both win 🙂

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    Chris Eade

    I've got two questions, 1) There is a time limit for the artist too come up with an concept, then draw it and upload it in all the special files… So is there away to extend the time limit for the artist by weeks and not just days when doing a big competition? (I say this because I know there are great artist out there that can't deliver great work in 7 days for many reasons… Second job etc.

    2) How solid will these copyrights be that we are meant to receive with the artwork? Any time limits… Thank

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