8 Landing Page Design Best Practices

8 Landing Page Design Best Practices

Hi marketers, I’m Bree here at Wishpond and I’m gonna show you 8 landing page design best practices. When it comes to building a landing page,
design is everything. Your design will make easy for people to
understand your landing page and convert. Once visitors arrive at your landing
page it should be clear to them what you’re selling in five seconds or less. A study across a university shows that you have 5 seconds or less to impress and engage visitors to your landing page before
they leave. Most of people believe that aesthetics are the easy part of creating a landing page and reality a poorly designed page has been known to kill conversion rates. So let me give you our 8 best practices. Number one: use context of use, images
and videos to explain your offer. A good quality image or video can show
the benefits of your offering. Images and videos should have a direct
purpose on your page rather than just filling space. It lets potential leave place themselves
in the actual situation of your product or services. For example, if a hotel resort shows images and videos at the white
sand beaches and clear ocean water, that’s gonna be way more powerful than
something written about it. And let’s the visitor imagine themselves
relaxing on the beach sipping a piña colada. Number two: display pictures of happy
people to make your page welcoming to visitors. Images of people can make your page more warm and personal, plus these images are the most appealing and welcoming and will make your potential leads more comfortable on your page.
Actually on study showed that having a picture of a smiling person on a specific landing page increase conversion rates by 102 .5
percent. People act out their feelings and we
can use emotions to make potential leads feel a certain way. Displaying a smiling
face, what’s in a positive mood which has a positive impact on the conversion? Number three: highlight the most important
space with contrasting colors and white space. An example of contrasting color is having a bright orange button on a dark blue background, and as humans we’re
naturally attracted to the severe difference. You can use this in your designe to
highlight the sections of your page that you want to be seen. The heading lead capture form in CTA
should be the most prominent forms on your landing page. With contrasting colors it’s easier for
potential leads to digest the information and convert. Okay so one big mistake marketers make is
packing way too many elements on one page. Please avoid that. Number four: design and obvious call to action button. Obvious,
your CTA button is ultimately the most important feature of your landing page. Your entire goal is to get people to see that button so they take action on your page. The
effectiveness and your CTA button can be instantly changed with an eye-catching
design or a great place on your page. A couple of CTA button tips: bold the font and make the button actually quite large. Generally you wanna
place your CTA button above the folds that means if someone
comes your page they’ll see it right away and don’t have to scroll down. The more specific and clear you are with your button,
the higher conversion rates will be. Number five: make your benefits clear.
Potential leads need to know that your product offering
meets their needs. What exactly are they going to get from this relationship? Present your benefit in clear and
simple way that makes them curious for more information. It’s best to present these benefits and a less or small blurb. This allows potential leads to easily
skim through it and see if itthe right product for them. Number six: provide potential leads with
one single action to take. When creating a landing page the goal is to provide potential leads with easy path to conversion. So we need to provide users with only
one action that they can take; this means removing any navigation bars, footers or outside links that drive attention away from your CTA
Having multiple things on your page for leads to click on is a huge distraction from your CTA and
your main goal. Because, having many things on your page it’s gonna distract you hear it from the main goal.
It’s not good. So get rid of the other distractions and
keep them focused. Number seven: use bold headings
so it makes it for potential leads to skim. A heading inside heading are
crucial to your landing page as they hook in potential leads. To explain additional benefits or selling points
use bold headings to attract their attention. Break information down into small digestable segments. With small sections and large headings
it will be easier for people to skim the information and really digest what you’re saying. Near the bottom of the page you should
also have a bold statement that reaffirms your value proposition. And the final declaration should include
a call to action. This is your last chance to convince potential leads that they need your offer.
So make it clear, simple, so people can actually skim it and understand what your offer is.
Last tip, number eight: create shortly capture form to prevent a
high bounce rate. As a visitor to your page there is
nothing more frustrating are daunting than a huge over complicated form.
When thinking of designing a capture form think sample, you want to make it easy
for people to enter on your entry form. If not, they’ll be sure to jump off your page before converting. In fact, a recent study by Hubspot
showed that if you reduce the form fields from 4 to 3 it improves the conversion rates. Very sweet.
They also found a negative correlation between the number of drop-down menus and
conversion rates: avoid too many drop- down menus. When creating a sign-up form, keep your main objective in mind. Only ask potential leads for information
that’s necessary to achieve those objectives. Because, the more fields you ask people to fill out, the more drop off you’re gonna see. And that’s it. The design of your page is as important if not more important than
the actual content on your page itself. Potential leads need to be able to easily
read that information and understand the message that you’re trying to convey. I hope that helps, thanks for watching.


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    I've never seen another Lively Engaging Instruction Video that actually makes Sense !  You are plain Awesome (Beauty With Brains). Thanks am game !

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    Great content, fresh ideas and professionally made  presentation. I wish you didn't speak so fast. Once again, keep smiling, like you did on this video!

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    Trish Pulley

    Thank you for the great information! I had to rewind several times because you're speaking so quickly and I couldn't catch it all. Valuable information – thank you. I need to find the right contrasting color pairs for my landing page next!

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    Pietro Zaini

    Cutting in some examples to illustrate your points would have made this much more helpful. Remember at the start you said pictures of white beaches communicate a lot more than printed words about beaches? Same for you saying these points.

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    David Butler

    great presentation. delivery is a really fast paced. I think also it would help if you didn't disappear every second or two it was distracting. good energy and to the point. I found information useful, which is the goal of video.

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    Sugoi Anime

    is it necessary to make a landing page, if your site main role is just to provide trivial information.

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    Should the landing page have its own dedicated url and should it be a dot com. Finally, do search engines frown on landing pages? Thanks!

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    Furyy Night

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    Manoel Pinto

    Excellent presentation. You are a pro but just slow down a bit for newbies. Please help with: Where do you store Lead Magnet ebooks? How can I setup the delivery of Lead Magnate when I have their info. How do I connect the auto responder to the landing page:

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    Sergio Sánchez

    This is the first video I see of your channel and I subscribed halfway through it. You did the best explanation i've ever seen when talking about design. Thanks for your work! 🙂

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    Sachin Kumar

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    michael reynolds

    absolutely first class video very informative well presented and very funny great job !!and thanks for the tips

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    Landing page – A relatively new concept, but often explained with very old fashion Psychology Bree. People will… People do… who are this People? 
    Psychology has developed – equal to the Internet and the Webdesign does – since old Behavioral Psychology from the 1940s and 50s. 
    In more modern Psychology you will experience, every person is different. We have absolutely nothing like an human 'One size fits all' template. 

    What is usual for one person is unthinkable for another person. And a person can do things different in the morning, then in the evening – or does things on it's job 
    different then at home…etc.
    Old fashion psychology did learn the businesses some tricks about, how to manipulate people, so they will buy stuff, they don't need.  
    This is real old fashion sales-tactic from the last century. 
    Knowing habits about people and generalize them to everybody, is just some homemade Psychology, observed around in the neighborhood or on friends.. 
    Or it is result of the new kind of 'research' done over the phone, with around 20 people. 

    We can better presuppose, people have the same amount of braincells, they just using them very different.
    For me, the most annoying Landing pages are the typical american sites, with a huge CTA button, very obvious they need desperately money. 
    No class, no style, just trying to pushing me into a funnel BUY! BUY! FOR GOD SAKE, BUY! … is the underlaying message. It is an annoying way of
    doing business. Having an awesome designed Landing page and a clear message, and a purpose why I should give my mail address, then I wil think about it.
    If I don't need it, there can be 100 CTA buttons – I don't care.
    It has the opposite effect and it takes me less then 5 seconds, to click the site away. It is not the product, it is the way some webdesigner or owner underestimating 
    the intelligence of the customer and treating customers like morons. Perhaps the curious customers have way better education then the one who is designing the website…

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