7 High Paying Side Hustles to Start In 2019/2020 | SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTUBER

7 High Paying Side Hustles to Start In 2019/2020 | SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTUBER

so today I just wanna share um seven
side hustles that you can start in South Africa yeah let me just get into it I
don’t want to make this video too long so the first one.so at the beginning
of the year I downloaded this app I think it was sponsored on Facebook so
they sponsored it and it looked interesting so I downloaded it and personally I thought it works like
Instagram where you just post your pictures anyhow but then it didn’t work like that
as I explored more about the app I’m I realize that you can actually make money
out of it so what happens there is that let me say I am
looking for a certain picture maybe a sunset with orange colors or I’m looking
for a purple butterfly to be specific or I am looking for a flower a certain
flower so what I will do I will set up a challenge for the users and then
describe everything that I need on that picture and then I will set my prize of what will the winner get when they have posted they pictures so what will
happen is that people would start posting let’s say there are 10 people
who posted that picture and then I as the as the requester or a challenger I
would have to choose between those people who posted the picture on my
challenge who is gonna be the winner so usually and the price range
of those challenges mostly is $300 $200 and hundred dollars and sometimes you
win I’m like prices like cameras things that you can use to take
pictures so if you’re interested in taking pictures of random and beautiful
things nature and stuff like that you can check that out I am so
we gonna link it on my description place the description box I think so if you’re
interested in photography and pictures you can do that one it is easy and it is
affordable you just need to download the app it is free you just have to setup
your account then posts start posting your pictures check what
challenges are there and then if maybe a challenge requires you to take a picture
of your sunset then you can go out and take a picture of a sunset or a
butterfly or a flower so the second one is Fiverr I am hoping that some of you
know about Fiverr so if you do things like graphic design, digital marketing
videos and what else like a lot of things so if you download the app or
if you want to become a seller just set up your account using the website it is
better that way and then you can download the app later
so I’m also gonna link it on the description box so there you let’s say I
am looking for a person is gonna create a website for me and then they say I
found you as a potential website designer or creator
so it’s either price when it comes to price is kind of different because some
charge it charge five dollars and I think it’s from five dollars to ten
thousand dollars so that’s a lot of money so if you you’re good at graphic
design, social media marketing, digital marketing SEO there are a lot of there
are a lot of things there guys so you can just check it out as well you can
make decent money and when you transfer them dollars friends that’s quite a lot
of money but you have to make sure that you set up your profile nicely to a
point where people can actually trust your work where you showcase your work
your previous work and yeah guys that’s another app that
you can just go check it out it is also free to sign up for that app and if you
work hard enough you’re gonna see them returns yeah so if you still at home not
doing anything I think that’s a good app for you or if you’re just taking a break
or maybe if you are taking a gap year things like that you can just check that
app out and try it out and yeah set up your things make sure that you work
hard obviously so yeah another one number three I’m it has to be network
marketing I feel like that is what’s going on currently here in South Africa
so you can just try it out if it works for you and if you are a
good seller a good personal seller or you are good with marketing social media
marketing I think you should also check it out or venture into that direction if
you have good selling skills examples like I feel like Avon is a little
marketing thing because it has been there the business plan is just set up
for you the products are already there for you as a female you can just contact
other female that you know your family your friends try it out of them
sell it out to them I always see um some women in the street selling it out so if
you like going outside and selling outside try that put your your table put
your products on that table and start selling and also for fitness what
is it konje um it’s herballife it has been there guys it’s not
new it has been there because I remember it I think my mom was it my mom but it
has been there ever since I was young ever since I was in primary herbal life
was they it’s not a new thing I know a lot of people had scammed in this
network marketing thing but some products have been there and
there are true companies that are working to better people’s lives.so
yeah you can just try it. those are the ones that I know here in South Africa is herbal life
and Avon I’m sure there are many others but those two are the most popular that
I know currently here in South Africa so you can check it out but if you disagree
with me as a side hustle as network marketing being a side hustle then you
can just tell me on the comments section yeah we discuss about it or debate about it
but I personally think it’s also kind of like a side hustle that you can start if
you have good selling skills cause yeah that thing requires you to
work yeah cause I’m sure there are people who have good selling skills and are
selling a Herbalife or Avon and they’re doing good with it so yeah you can check
it out as well. I feel like this is taking too long
number four. I feel like um okay I hope I pronounced this nicely
um Etsy. so if you do things like beading, traditional mats
which are amacansi in isiZulu so yeah in English I’m just
transferring it to English traditional mats so if you’re doing like crafts
those sculptures wooden sculptures a flower like that, if you do things like that I think you should just check Etsy out I feel like it’s
also a good platform, it works like Amazon, eBay and
what’s the other one and takealot. so yeah you can also set
up your account on the website not the App, do they have the
app. I’m not sure but yeah you can just set up your account there on the app and
just check it out if you have those kind of products craft check Etsy out and
yeah put up your work out there let the people see it and the nice thing about
is that it’s not only like South African people are gonna see it also people from
other countries so you’ll be making them dollars again so you must, your
currency the currency that they use in that website I think it’s Dollars so you must
kind of like match your products with the dollar side and not the rand side so yeah guys can also check out that app if you are doing things like
craft and lucky number five make website for other people with the making of
website for people I feel like you should go for a certain niche so for
example if you are if you chose to do website for doctors I think that it’s
gonna be, your work is gonna be easy because you are focusing on certain
people a certain target market so it’s gonna be easy for you as you go on
making website but then I’m not saying that you must make similar website for
every doctor that she gets it must be different but then the wording I’m sure
it’s gonna be similar similar if you chose dentist the wording they’re
gonna be similar but then I’m not saying just saying just copy and paste you know
so I feel like what creating website getting a niche is very important
restaurants. it’s very important and fashion if maybe a Instagrammer
wants to create a website now where they are showcasing whatever they showcasing
usually they do makeup and makeup and fashion so and travel some of them
so if maybe an Instagrammer or influencer comes to you looking for a website
a fashion website or a travel website you will know what you have to put there you will
know how to create it and I was doing an assignment not so long ago of managing
E-COMMERCE in business so there they were teaching us of how to create a website
and how to make a website where people would actually look at the website for
longer and it’s called the called the aspect of stickiness so just
teach yourself and in this website industry creating website industry and
now it’s easier you don’t have to do coding and all of that it’s much more
easier when we have WIX, it’s WIX and um Squarespace and also you can
check out our blog blog post I think blog posts so those kind of website
helps you to create a website easier so you can also check those out as well and
I feel like the making of the website kind of connect with Fiverr you
can also get your clients with Fiverr if you’re looking for international clients
you can also check out check it out with Fiverr but if you want to start it out locally you can just go to your local doctor tell them
about your services and if they interested they’re gonna take your
services make sure you market yourself very well as well. so number six would be
coaching so if you are good at speaking if you are a good motivational speaker
just try that out set up your website or ask someone to set up your website and
market yourself put yourself out there on Instagram put yourself out there, don’t be
scared I know like a lot of people are sharing memes and entertainment is something that is doing great currently on social media but just put
yourself out there don’t be scared to be different dont be scared
to do something different or that that people are not doing and you can
also try out speech coaching for example Mina I need a speech coach because I feel
like I have a problem with pronunciation and some words don’t come out the way
that I want them to come out so you can just try out things like that I’m sure
there are many other people who have the same problem and they are looking for
people who’s gonna help them speak properly so that the words could come
out the way that they want them to come out my words usually come out with
ssssss at the end and I’m like so um why? you can just check that out I’m not
gonna talk a lot about that because it’s just simple it’s a matter of you putting
yourself out there if you know yourself that we are good at this. at school
they used to choose you to go do orals someway or you were in the debate
team and your team win because of you can just try those things out, speak put your voice out there don’t be scared to
explore and put yourself out there be different to your thing yeah and yeah.
number seven um okay there’s another one coming through I’m not sure if i should do eight but okay I’m just gonna put it there as a bonus so number seven would be
creating video series um currently in South Africa that is trending guys you
know. who is that boy? i forgot the name of that boy but you see, those kind of
things are trending currently so if you have a funny side of you
or you’re a comedian or good at writing scripts you can just try that industry
out guys like these industry are open for a lot of people and we keep on
seeing same people same people some people that started with these video
series skits and all of that now they are doing greater things so we need more
people to come and join that industry
because I look at those things a lot when I am not doing anything so you can
just also check that one out if you are good with acting and there are a lot of
active students out there but they just sitting waiting for maybe generations or
scandal or uzalo to call them no guys you can’t sit while you have
qualification of being an actor there is YouTube now and other platform Instagram,
Facebook put your videos out there act guys, do what you love just
because you went to school for something doesn’t mean now that you have to sit
and wait for a greater opportunity sometimes you have to create the
opportunity for yourself, so put yourself out there as well with the acting part
if you’re funny if your friend is funny call your funny friend share ideas
maybe your friend is funny wena you’re good with acting just bounce back the
ideas with your friend and put yourself out there use your phones to record
yourself and then invest into a camera and nje guys and invest into editing
apps or software’s. Fiverr people also do video editing there
so you can check it out for five dollars that’s like the cheapest one that you
can request so do things like that guys put yourself out there there are a lot
of things don’t you sit there with your qualification and and yeah just
work and the bonus is Airbnb. so if you have an apartment or you just have a
home that you don’t use you can just check Airbnb out and rent it out to people usually people who rent out airbnb homes are
people may be coming from other countries or overseas or maybe let’s say
I am moving maybe I am moving for for a month maybe
I have worked somewhere in Cape Town and I need a place to stay and I will
go on airbnb and check it out check houses outs to see which one I like the most
which one is the cheapest which one suits my my liking more and yeah if
maybe you put your house there I click on your house we talk and I get into
your house and I feel like it is reliable but most people don’t like it
because they don’t like inviting people to their homes
so cause you never know what those people are gonna do to your home but you
shouldn’t be scared I feel like people shouldn’t be scared
because I feel like airbnb kind of like protect you in a way I’m not sure I
didn’t read those terms and conditions but I feel I think you protect you if
maybe something goes missing or whatever but I thought cuz when you’re putting
your house a face like you’re creating it’s like you making your house a hotel
or a B&B sort of so you can just check it out if you have an apartment in
December times you going home back home and you want to make extra money
during December time for January because January is coming
through so check it out, yeah airbnb check it out I’m don’t be scared
rent out your place most people with flats out there, people are living in Johannesburg
and Durban during December times they’re going back to home they’re going back to
to the farms they’re going back to ekasi so if you wanna make extra money just
create a profile on airbnb and put just put your place out there yeah and make
sure that you present your place nicely and it must be attractive I feel yeah it
must be attractive so that people could actually click on your home and actually
a transaction could happen between you guys you
and and the person who’s looking for the place so yeah. Thank you for watching my
youtube channel Thank you for watching this video if it helped you in any way
please do like, subscribe and comment down below and if you wanna share some
tips with me please also comment down below and yeah I’m willing to improve so
please do share, I mean comment so please again I am repeating this so that you
guys could actually to like, subscribe and comment down below Thank you again
for watching this video Thank you


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