5 TIPS ON How to find a job in graphic design. | business of design

5 TIPS ON How to find a job in graphic design. |  business of design

What’s going on. I’m Liam Zed the
designer and in this video we’re going to briefly talk about how to get a job
in the design industry either as a freelancer or someone working in a
studio. Check it out and stay tuned. So we’re just going to go
through a few things that I found personally work for me throughout my
professional graphic design and freelance career. When I was first starting out trying to find a job. To finding other jobs from junior to senior to creative director
and stuff like that throughout my career that I’m hoping will help you in your
career ok well the first thing is starting to
start off when you’re first starting out and we can work our way up so when you’re first starting out you
don’t have a lot of experience you don’t have a lot of hands-on in studio
experience and this can be kind of a detriment to a lot of studios when
wanting to hire you over say someone else or another candidate for student
who has more experience that you do. So to combat this will give you three ways in order for you to get some experience while in school and while out of school.
That I think are really going to help you out. ok so the first one is if your school
offers a co-op placement as a part of its course mandate take it if it’s an
elective take it because what that could turn into is a potential full-time
position straight out of school. It could also turn into a potential
freelance or contract opportunity so by taking advantage of that while in school
you could actually just walk away with a job or at the very least employment
experience the second way is find a not-for-profit
charity in your local community and start seeing if you can do some pro bono
design work for them that way you have a real client in the real world and that
also get your work out there word of mouth. So if that charity does a lot of
good work and people like whoa i really like this charity i really like the graphic
design for this charity. what freelance designer did that? they’ll refer you because that’s a great
network that’s a great group of people and that’s what you need when you’re
first starting out you need to build and manage a professional network the third
way is almost the same as the second you need to find either… not necessarily
local businesses but maybe a community theater. Theaters often needs posters and design and flyer design. Or try working with a local pop-up shop. Small little things within your local community to
get the word out and put together a professional-looking portfolio consisting of real-world clients. This what’s gonna separate you from your competition when
first looking for a graphic design or freelance job opportunity. From there before you immediately jump into the world wide web and start job hunting. Start looking at places you can Network and professional business groups . You can Network and go to. There’s
a lot of young professional nights, where you can meet a lot of people swap
business cards and potentially expand your professional network. That way
there’s a lot of real great opportunities out there for you to grow
your professional network. You can get a job far quicker than you could let’s say by shooting your resume off to a million
different emails and them never getting read. So by doing that face-to-face and
meeting someone say at these events. Showing them your new real world work
you could get yourself into a position a lot quicker or they might even make a
position for you. Because if it’s a need that they didn’t think they necessarily
had and now that they met you and seeing your work they realize they do have that
need and that you’re the perfect candidate to fill that newly discovered graphic design, freelance or business need they will make up a job for you. Ok now the next step is after you’ve
been a junior for a while you’re going to want to advance into a more senior
intermediate level graphic design or creative business management position. What do you do once you have to achieve
that level of professional job expierence? Well you need to find a way to leverage experience. One of the things i find is start looking for offers while
you’re currently employed meeting other people in the design industry and seeing if there’s job opportunities out there. Organize informational job meetings and seeing if you can get a higher level job offer from your expanded professional network. Than if you do get an offer… bring it back to your employer and see
if they can match it. If you really like your workplace or go above and beyond for your workplace and design team a lot ofthe times when you’re a good employee it’s going to cost far more to replace
you in a employee turnover. Then it will be to simply give you a raise or promotion or a
bump up in title. That is where you’re going to find a lot of really
great opportunities in order to advance quickly in your own career. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around as long as you’re
genuine and upfront with your employer. Once you receive an offer, say listen
I’m gonna let you know that an offer has been made by a rival design studio. I’m looking to take advantage of this offer within two to three weeks. Here is my notice etc. You don’t want to burn
any bridges! You don’t want to damage any professional business relationships. This is the
professional world this happens quite frequently right no one is looking out
for your career advancement. So if you want to advance quicker and
faster up the corporate ladder, you need to take charge.
So really put in the initiative. Ok so there’s that. As you grow in a studio or company they will send you or you’ll start going to conferences on your won. Meeting more people and industry related professionals.
Running into people that you went to school with will be in more senior positions looking to build a
team. From there it ends up becomes a matter simply reaching out to a bit more to them.
You can start reaching out to them. You might even find that you have a former classmate working at a studio you
really like. Ask them “can you help me get my foot in
the door to know what they’re looking for in a design job candidate and make an introduction.” You know who I could contact and stuff like that. Alright eventually once you’re in a
senior intermediate and senior position you might want to go to a director or an
executive position as a brand strategist manager creative director.
To get that position is a bit more difficult. Usually the people in charge of this
have been in the company for a long time. Or have started their own studio and now
are the creative director in art director at their own studio. So if
you’re looking its going to be a bit tough. That’s not to say that’s the only case.
I’m just saying that in my experience that’s typically what I found. So what you would essentially want to do
is if you want to start your own studio. (depending on your potential client base.) Or if you’re looking for a
creative director position fish around once again in that professional network.
Start meeting with people start getting involved in groups for these types of creative decision-makers. Meet for these types of executive-level people meet and then
connect with them get to know them. Really build that relationship with them
and then you might get those hints and leads. To where these positions might be
found. Sometimes yes you’ll find some online
and that’s great if you can get a job online. There’s nothing wrong with that
but I found the most effective way to find work is through informational
interviews. Ie when you start asking questions what it is about their job.
Expanding your professional network and then going out and making connections in
the real world. That when you canleverage and use in order to expand grow my own
position making clients make new friends. Or even find new mentors etc. That’s
where the value is ok. I’m Liam Zed The Designer I hope you found this video
helpful. Please check out some of my other videos I think you might enjoy
them and i look forward to seeing you all next week bye.


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