5 Products That Shouldn’t Be A Thing (React)

5 Products That Shouldn’t Be A Thing (React)

– This is the stupidest–
– This is awesome. – This is $99!
– WHAT?! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna span
the world of outrageous inventions and ask the ultimate question:
Should this be a thing? – Oh, this is gonna be fun.
Okay, this will be fun. – Oh! I love that.
– Yes. We love existential crises.
– Yeah! – (FBE) This is how it’ll work.
We’ll be presenting you with several inventions,
some that have made their debut on Shark Tank, IndieGoGo, or have
been shared across the internet. – Cool.
– (FBE) You’ll have an opportunity to play with some of the products,
talk about how practical you think they are,
and if you think the price is fair. Then you will vote if you think
they should be a thing or not. – Okay.
– Okay. Okay. – See, we’re gonna have
different opinions, too, ’cause we have different life…
– Mm-hmm, different life experiences, different age group ranges.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She might find something useful
that I think is dumb. – Interesting.
– You know, I like sharing my opinion, so…
– (sarcastic) No! – Uh-huh!
– (laughs) – I feel like it’s gonna be
like those things that you see right next to the register
at a store, where it’s like, I don’t need you, but I want you…
– Ohh. But I kinda wanna play with these things.
– …’cause it’s there. – (both) Yeah.
– (FBE) Here is your first product. – Soap?
– (FBE) Here you go. – This ain’t soap. This is cheese.
– It looks like a bar of soap. – It looks like a bar of soap.
It’s sticky, though. – It’s aerated and it has holes in it.
– I don’t know. It got holes in this. I wonder if they–
– It feels like a sponge, right? Like, it’s spongy,
and it’s kind of slimy. – Ah! Wait. Squeeze it.
Things come out. – Just get it–
– AHH! Ahhh! – You just have to
get under it, you know? – I don’t wanna touch that! Ugh!
– Squeeze it. – That’s nasty.
– Squeeze it. – That’s gross.
– It looks like a pimple. – Do you know what I’m afraid this is?
– Hm? – This is something [bleep]
that people who like to pop pimples and [bleep]…
If that’s what it is, this [bleep] needs to get out
of the world right now. – (FBE) Fast Company calls
this product the new fidget spinner. This is Pop It Pal Pimple Popper,
and it features 16 pimples ready to pop. The pus is made
of canola oil and beeswax. – I love it.
– I hate it. – Ohhhh! Oh, we didn’t even
do the most logical thing. Gross! – I see how people like this.
Like you said, it’s like the new fidget spinner.
There’s always gonna be new habits to pick at.
This is disgusting, but it works. – (FBE) This made its debut
on ABC’s Shark Tank to mixed reviews. But thanks to an initial investment
from Kevin O’Leary of over $250,000 to support its success, it made over $315,000
in just four months. – Mr. Wonderful himself
invested in this [bleep]?! Oh–
That’s disgusting. – What?!
– That is disgusting. – (FBE) So, this will
set you back $20. – Stop it.
– People are spending $20? Your face is free!! – (FBE) Based on practicality,
should this be a thing or not? – No. Mm-mm.
– NO! – No.
– No. – I don’t have time
for this, okay? I’m a grown woman
that ain’t got time for this. – No! This shouldn’t exist!
– It’s disgusting. – This is gross!
– This should be a thing. Absolutely not.
– I love it. It’s disgusting.
I’m a little bit country, she’s a little bit popping pimples.
– Yeah. We even each other out. – (FBE) Here’s your next product.
– Are these lips? – This is definitely an orifice.
– So it’s maybe a fun mouth guard or something?
– I’m concerned for this one’s use. – I am concerned where you bought it.
– This is probably to try and strengthen and do stuff
around the mouth, like to get rid of wrinkles.
I think it’s a beauty thing. – (FBE) This is an anti-wrinkle
silicone mouth muscle face slimmer. – (laughs)
– Bro, the extent that people go for basic beauty!
– (FBE) It’s recommended you say your vowels loudly to give
your 12 facial muscles exercises. – Do it.
– A, E, I, O, (softly) U. – A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y and W. – (laughs)
– (both) A, E, I, O, U. Yeah.
– Yeah, it totally hurt me. – Actually, it’s weird.
– I can feel it. – (Trudy) I can feel it.
– I can feel it. – It does feel more perked up. – (FBE) Does it?
– It really does. No, my jaw feels like, hmm–
– (Faith laughs) Does it? – It’s kind of perky now.
– (FBE) This product has been seen all over Japanese beauty sites,
The Today Show, and The Tonight Show. It has three stars on Amazon,
and these go for $9.99. That’s… Yeah, that seems right.
If it works, it’s great. It’s great.
– (Ethan chuckles) – It’s way cheaper than my face cream,
so if this works that well and all the ladies are loving it,
I’m gonna believe them actually. – (FBE) Should this be a thing?
– No. – (FBE) Thumbs up, thumbs down.
– No. – No.
– No. – No.
– I’m gonna go up. I tried it. Why not?
– No. – Nah.
– That is 9.99 you could use at Subway or something.
– Yeah, it’s not worth it. – Yes.
– Yeah. How else do you exercise your face?
– (FBE) Okay, here’s your next product.
What do you guys think this is? – I’m not putting this on my face.
I’m not putting this over my head. – There’s no way this is going–
– This has got to be a diaper thing. – What is this?
A mask pillow? – No, I think it’s–
is it for your body? – Is it for– okay,
is this a diaper? A comfy diaper.
– Sleeping? To make me sleep a certain way,
like a pillow maybe? – I know exactly what this is,
because I watch “Schitt’s Creek.” – Is this one of those napping things?
– Uh-huh. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Wait, idea. Oh my god. Hold on. Like this! OHH, I got it!!
It like a napper. – (FBE) These are ostrich pillows.
They’re designed to help you sleep anywhere and often
are marketed to air travelers. So, it goes on your head.
The little hole… – It’s for your ear?
– (FBE) …is for your mouth. The hole is for your mouth.
– Oh! Oh my god. – (FBE) And now,
you’re in a cocoon of slumber. And you can put your arms
in the holes at the top and then lay face down
on an in-flight tray. – (Mikaela) You know what?
I feel safe in this. – I feel suffocated.
– This is insane. – (laughs)
– People think too much. Why are people thinking so much?
They need to stop thinking. – (FBE) This pillow will
set you back $99. This is $99!
– WHAT?! – Oh, no.
– This is a $100 pillow?! – Oh, honey, no. – You know what?
Yeah, that makes sense, but it’s SO hard
to breathe in there. It’s so hot. You had the right intention,
it’s just too much for me. – (FBE) So, should this be a thing?
– (both) No. – It just feels very claustrophobic.
– Yeah, it doesn’t really work. – Thumbs down.
– Yeah, thumbs down for sure for this one.
– No. This is stupid. – I’m gonna say no– I–
– I don’t wanna see someone using it. That’s what it comes down to.
– Okay, all right. – No, it shouldn’t.
– No, no, no, no. – I mean, goddammit–
– It’s not necessary. – Even though I don’t like it,
I’ll say it should be a thing just because I feel like some people
might benefit from this. – We have neck pillows.
Just wear that and breathe. – (FBE) Here is your next product.
– What is this? Some kind of sleeping bag or onesie?
– Oh my god. Oh my god. – Awesome. Oh, is this a sleeping bag?
It is a sleeping bag! – It’s like a full-body
sleeping bag. – (laughs) That’s dope! – Is that a stormtrooper?
– (FBE) Yeah. – It looks like a stormtrooper.
It is Star Wars. (gasps) Oh, I’m also-
is this Vader? Ooh, I get to be Darth Vader.
– Oh, yeah! It’s a Star Wars sleeping bag.
– I like this. (laughs) – Oh yeah!
– This is fun and practical. – Yes! This is totally practical.
– This could work if you’re camping or somewhere that’s really cold.
– (both laugh) – I can’t believe I’m in this!
– This is excellent! I love everything about this.
– There you go. – And I’ve always wanted
to be a stormtrooper. – This is the stupidest…
– This is awesome. – …thing that I have ever tried.
– This is awesome for Star Wars fans. – (FBE) These are Star Wars Selk’bags.
They’re walking sleeping bags that allow you to suit up
and enjoy any adventure as your favorite Star Wars hero.
It’s an excellent choice for spring and summer camping,
and this will set you back $99. – I mean, depending on how warm this
keeps you, this would be worth $99… just ’cause sleeping bags
are expensive. – This is more reasonably priced. – It’s a little pricey, but I feel
like I’d spring for something– – I think if you market it
as considered as a down type of sleeping bag as well too,
I think you can get away with that. – I don’t know if I’d spend that much
on it, but it’s definitely awesome. I would wear this for camping.
Hell yeah. – No.
– I’d walk around the campsite, just, “What’s up, guys?”
– (FBE) Should this be a thing? – Yes. Definitely a thing.
– Yes. For sure. – It is a little inconvenient,
but at the end of day, it is wearable. – You know what?
I’m gonna give it a thumbs up. – If I had money to spare,
I’d probably buy one. – No. It should not be a thing.
– Yes, it should! – For children? Yes.
For children, it should be– – For grown adults
who enjoy Star Wars. – I think it’s really practical.
If you’re sleeping or if you’re warm, you don’t need to take off
a blanket or get out of sheets. – I think this is a good seller.
– Yeah, it’s a good thing. And you don’t even have to be
on the Death Star to enjoy it. – (FBE) This is your last product.
This looks like a foot bath. – It looks like water in a bucket.
– Is it gonna like take the oil from the bottom of our feet off?
– It’s one of those super absorbent sheets,
so it’s not a super thick rug, but the sheet itself
is really absorbent. – I just think it’s
a giant band-aid soaker thing that just soaks up water.
– (FBE) I want you to take your foot and place it
on the mat and see what happens. – So, just stand on the mat.
– (Trudy gasps) – (Gary gasps) Oh, it’s a printing.
– How exciting. Oh, it’s like a footprint thing.
Oh, it’s cute! – (Gary) Art.
– (Trudy) Yeah, it’s art. Is it art or is it
you killed somebody accidentally? – I’m scared. Is it gonna–
OHHH! That looks scary! – (Brittany) I love it! Dude!
– That’s really cool. You can make art with this.
This is really cool. – (Brittany) Dude, I like th–
(chuckles) – (Mikaela) Ah!
– (Eric) Wow, it’s bleeding! Ohhh!
– Is it a mat when you get out of the shower?
– It’s one of the bloody bath mats for people that like murder.
– Oh my god! I love it! (laughs) – (Eric) That is pretty cool. – (FBE) This is a Psycho
Color-Changing Bath Mat. – Ahhhh. I knew
there was murder in there. I’m like, “Somebody’s dying.
I’m not sure why.” – It actually comes
with matching curtains. – (whispers) Oh, I want.
– (FBE) It’ll set you back 14.99. – Wow!
– That’s cheap! Bathroom curtains and a mat?
– I’m gonna order me one of these when I get home!
– I would get this. (laughs) – Yeah, me too.
I would just stand after my shower just drawing in the bath mat
for, like, ever. – Why? Why is this fun?
– There are some big horror fans. I’m friends with huge horror nerds.
I mean, I am one, but not this big. But I know some people
that would like this. – This is the kind of thing
that I would, absolutely on Halloween, switch it on up over
to my Psycho house. – There you go. Yeah.
– For 14 bucks? – Mm-hmm.
– So necessary. – Yup.
– (FBE) All right, let’s vote. Should this be a thing?
– I think yes. – Yeah. This is fun.
– Because it’s practical. Yeah, and it’s fun. – For me, this one doesn’t do
any of the part of stepping out of the shower.
I feel like I’d slip. – I’m gonna be honest…
(imitates buzzer) We could all live without
recreating the scene from “Psycho,” even though it’s awesome,
even though Halloween calls for it. – For sure.
– Yeah. – I think it’s fun.
And everything dumb and fun should totally exist in the world. ♪ (quirky music) ♪ – (FBE) What’d you guys think
of all these products you saw today? – I feel like I’m torn. I feel like
some of them were really cool, and some of them
were really dumb. – I feel like everything we saw today
were just fun things, like things that aren’t really like,
“Oh, I need this,” but they just kind of add
a little bit of pizzazz to your life. We all need a little bit of pizzazz.
– (FBE) Do you have any advice to the inventors out there?
– Don’t try too hard. I think you would be surprised
how easily impressed people are. So, being able to make something
that addresses everyday concerns and also adds a little bit
of creativity would be enough. You don’t need to be making
pimple popper machines and stuff like that.
I think just be careful about your price point.
You buy by impulse, you know? I think that once you get that down,
you know, 14 bucks, you know, you get a bucket anyway.
– Yeah. – And the shower curtain, I mean–
– Shower curtain. You get so many things.
– It works. – Thanks for watching
“Should This Be a Thing?” – On the React Channel.
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– (both) Bye! – Hey, guys! Sabrina here,
React Channel producer. Have you gone to shopfbe.com yet?
Because you should. We got new merch every single month,
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