5 Must Know Freelancing Tips + My Landing Page Developer Freelance Story

5 Must Know Freelancing Tips + My Landing Page Developer Freelance Story

Five Tips For Freelancers. Hey tribe,
Matt Laker here! I want to share my story of freelancing. How I used to freelance,
how I started and five lessons that I’ve learned as a freelancer. So you can use
this lesson and implement this in your freelancing career if you’re just
starting out as a freelancer, this gonna be tremendously helpful for you
because it’s gonna put you on the fast track, it’s gonna put you in upwards
going spiral of success as a freelancer. So just don’t make the same mistakes I
did save yourself good two years of work and
implement this right away. So tip number five, focus on one thing and become the
best at that so there is loads of people, there are loads of people doing
everything they’re a little bit good to develop man they’re a little bit good at
design you’re a little bit good in copywriting but what is a really highly
paid skill and why people will actually recommend you is because here’s the best
in the industry in one specific thing you can read the book the one thing that
is explaining you the entire concept of why you should focus on one thing and
the entire economy of this but if you don’t have time to read this book I’ll
just summarize this for you so generally speaking if you’re the best at something
people will more likely choose to work with you and recommend you rather than
people that are average of something and that’s it it’s the entire economy and
then the entire idea is that you don’t have enough time to become the best at
everything so you’re better off just focusing on one thing so you’re gonna
become the master of one thing and then they prove with numbers why it’s more
beneficial for you generally speaking the entire book makes sense and they say
truth so focus on one thing I’ve tested this on my own skin I’ve tried
delivering everything to everyone and then I’ve specialized in one specific
thing I became the bastard one specific thing and trust me this makes way more
money people rather pay you $5,000 for an hour of your work if you’re the best
in the world whatever it is whatever it is there are so many different niches
but whatever it is people right pay you loads of money if you’re the
best in the world and your average and that proportion is ridiculous if your
average you can make maybe and I know if $20 an hour if you’re pretty good you
can make $100 an hour through the best in the world you can make five thousand
dollars an hour or whatever these are random numbers but you get the idea
lesson number two once upon the time my up punk account got banned because I did
something that was nothing line with terms of use or something like that I
don’t remember it was bad and my entire business collapsed so what is the lesson
for you the lesson for you is that you have to use multiple lead generation
platforms so what does this mean that you can’t be dependent on one platform
so if you’re dependent on literally one platform for you to get clients once a
banner once something doesn’t work or once they close the platform your
business is screwed you’re screwed you have to move out from your airport when
you have to start leaving on the street you’re homeless you’re angry you’re
desperate your entire life sucks your girlfriend breaks up with you and you’re
basically miserable so make sure you have multiple lead generation platforms
so that this can never happen to you and so that you can be always happy wealthy
and all good things are coming into your life tip number three well I started
with five then there was four than three correct tip number three build brand
around your one specific skill that you’re the best at so why should you do
that why should you build a brand and what do I mean with building brand I
mean use Facebook Instagram and every other social media out there to clearly
communicate what do you do so every single person in the world who finds out
your profile else exactly what you do and when their friends are friends of
their friends are looking for this specific service you’re gonna be the
first person they’re gonna think about. So trust me this works for example what
I do is I run digital marketing agencies and when people think of you know
building digital marketing agency the first person that they are coming to
is well I’m assuming me because so many people are contacting me in regards to
that so that’s because I’m building a brand about this but you should build a
brand about whatever you’re doing so this will make you easy to recognize and
everybody will clearly understand what you do and why they should contact you
ones they need the specific thing or whenever any of their francis mentioning
that they need this specific kind of service people will always refer to you
because it’s so clearly communicated and you’re so branded on what you do so
don’t underestimate the power of personal brands you don’t have to become
huge influencer but build a clear brand on what you do and express this online
as much as you’re expressing this in the real life then tip number two is over
deliver so you might be thinking that alright I’m making this to make money
but you couldn’t be more wrong you’re doing this to build relationships
with your clients so you can continue working forever so what does this mean
is that you want to over deliver to your customers so they are extremely happy so
they are recommending you to all their friends so you keep getting loads of
referrals and you’re getting so many job offers that you have to increase your
prices so that you’re making so much money and you have so little time to
serve more customers that you’re freelancing career couldn’t be couldn’t
be better. So if you always want to over-deliver,
you want to make your clients happy and this leads me to point number one and
the most important one turn your freelancing career into real life career
by meeting your clients in real life so meet them in person once you start
establishing relationships with your clients or all around the world and you
know let’s assume that you’ve been working with them for you know
six-figure numbers monthly for a year then invest in the freaking flight
tickets a hotel room fly over to wherever they are meet them in person
and start establishing relationships and circles of your clients because it’s
gonna be an amazing seed for you to grow the real life
we’re so freelancing is a good entry-level to starting amazing career
in the real life so you can start flying and meeting them in person and talking
about their projects and how you can improve that they can start introducing
you to their friends who can become your clients in the future and this way you
will establish this real life rapport of connections who are interested to work
with you if you implement these five tips I can warranty your freelancing
career where you’re freelancing career will boom. Now if one day you decide and
you should decide to turn it into a digital marketing agency, then go to Mattlaker.com and check the free training where I’m explaining you how to
convert from freelancer into digital marketing agency owner or digital
company owner so the training is free for a limited amount of time go
to Mattlaker.com and I see you in tomorrow’s video. Cheers!


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    Hilarion Bustamante

    Hi Matt,

    thank you so much for sharing this. Your freelance tips are both encouraging and challenging. May I ask if you have a facebook account or page so I could contact you or if possible chat with you during your free time.

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    Solomon Elijah

    im surprised other people havent found your channel. this information is incredibly valuable

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