(4 SECRETS) Shopify SEO For BEGINNERS – Shopify Dropshopping

(4 SECRETS) Shopify SEO For BEGINNERS – Shopify Dropshopping

in today’s video we have some methods to
obtain free traffic to your Shopify store what is going on guys my name is
Jesse Eby if you’re new to my channel welcome I’ll be releasing weekly content
in regards to e-commerce Shopify drop shipping everything online
entrepreneurship so many people starting out don’t have any capital and need to
figure out ways to drive traffic to their store for completely free in
today’s video I’m going to be teaching you how to do some search engine
optimization or Shopify SEO for beginners if you guys have not created a
Shopify store yet be sure to check the link in the description where I’ve been
able to hook you guys up with a 30 day free trial that’s extended so 30 days
free instead of 14 so take advantage of that because I’m not sure how long it’s
gonna be available for all right let’s go ahead and jump into the Shopify SEO
for beginners valuable content alright let’s go mm all right all right Shopify SEO for
beginners we’re gonna go over five tips here let’s see how many of you guys are
patient and really have the hunger for financial freedom and success and
actually stick around till the end if you want to change your life and really
have financial freedom let me know in the comments below I’m curious how many
of you actually have the interest in that so first things first you’re gonna
go over the product description you need to kind of find a balance between all
the descriptions and titles and everything else to where it’s stuffed
with keywords but not too much it needs to be a happy balance because Google
will pick up on if you’re just stuffing keywords so in the title you’re gonna
want to have a keyword and in this example we’re just gonna do vape sweater
just to go along with the random niche that I’ve been doing for vaping so let’s
say we’re trying to rank for vape sweater keyword ignore these words that
I have in the parentheses I just put those as notes for this video but you’re
gonna want to have a main headline in your description that also has keywords
so in this example I say Chuck some clouds and stay fresh all year round
with our vape sweater see we have a keyword there and we’re gonna keep this
in heading size one so that Google’s crawlers know that it’s the main heading
and to change the heading size you just go right here and you select heading one
and below that you’re gonna want to have the keyword again this will be for the
subheading and for this one you’re gonna want to have it in heading size too when
you’re filling out product descriptions and titles and everything you want to
have the keyword in the description section anywhere from three to five
times depending on really the length of your description but you don’t want to
really go over five in most cases and you don’t want to be under three in most
cases so we have it here twice and then you’re gonna want to go into the actual
description which is gonna be the paragraph sizing which is right here
you just select paragraph and you have the keyword of this vape sweater is a
gangster addition to any vape collection bla bla bla so now you have the keyword
three times in your description and one time in the title after the actual
description portion you’ll want to go down here and you’ll want to have the
size material dimensions and general information like that and you’ll be able
to use sighs for for this portion this will be
just kind of the technical details of the item you’re selling and then you’ll
scroll down and you’ll want to upload an image of whatever your product is now if
you’re using oh Barolo which by the way it is a typhoon outside
so apologies if there’s a bunch of background noise but anyway you don’t
want to upload a photo if you’re using a bare low you’ll have photos
automatically uploaded but you want to have your own photos in your own video
ads and everything else if you can so remember to always purchase the product
and take your own professional photos you can have a watermark on it so nobody
steals it but that’s just kind of a bonus tip so you’ve got hover over the
images that you uploaded here and you’ll click here on alt this is your alt text
in your alt text you’re gonna want to have the keyword that you’re trying to
rank for and remember to have dashes in between the wordings the words here this
is just what works for Google when it’s crawling websites to determine how they
should be ranked so you see here I have vape sweater with dashes in between
that’s the keyword again we have the we have a word describing which one it is
in this example it’s gray version and then we’re gonna include our business
name be sure to stick around to the end because I’m going to show you guys
something that streamlines this entire process and makes everything a lot more
easy because going through and doing this for every single item it’s kind of
a mess so I’m gonna show you a shortcut at the end of this video as the powerful
bonus tip of the day yeah why don’t we call it that will call it powerful bonus
typically well from now on how about that and then you’ll go ahead and scroll
down to the bottom and you’ll find this section here where you edit the website
SEO you could see here how it was show on Google
I’ve already edited this just to keep time going here but you could see how it
would appear on Google in the event that somebody searched this and it was shown
to them you want to have the keyword that you’re trying to search for you’ll
want to have a wording that entices the person searching to click on it and
maybe you want to get more creative than this this is just an example but then
you want to have the name of your business as well so you see how it shows
your vape sweater high quality gangsta ass vape because Google favors search
results that have the name of a brand or business I’ll show you examples here
so I searched vape sweater we scroll down and we look at some of the results
here they all have their brand name in the
page title for the SEO and we’re actually taking it a step above than
some of these guys and we’re having a descriptive word to entice somebody to
click so high quality in this example would be the wording and then in the
meta description this will be shown on Google so you want to use your keyword
again so that this actually shows up when people are searching it so right
here I have vape sweater and then you want to have some wording that goes into
a little bit of details and entices the person to actually click your link and
just as a bonus tip you guys this description should be anywhere from 50
to 300 characters I think the more short simple and descriptive you have the
better because people are lazy and they want to see quickly what they’re
clicking on and click it they don’t want to read an entire paragraph before they
get to the point and for the URL and handle here you’ll just want to have
your keyword so in this case vape sweater and don’t forget to fill out the
title and meta description for your home page and to get here you just go to
online store over here on the left side and then click preferences and then
there’s just a couple boxes to fill out right here all right tip number 3 we
guys I want to talk about social sharing what you’ll do is you’ll go on websites
such as reddit calm and this could work if you have popular posts on Facebook
and all those other social media as well so you’d essentially find your niche on
Reddit and for vaping in this particular example there’s electronic cigarette you
just search specifically up top they’re vaping more electronic cigarettes
subreddits and you’d go on here and if you could share content your posts your
blog posts or whatever else and the post becomes popular then that could really
boost your search results because it tells Google again that your website is
popular when other social websites are uploading it and are engaging on the
content alright guys so another SEO tip that’s important for Shopify stores is
you need to have backlinks so what’s a backlink a backlink is basically your
website link shared across the web so it’s other
blogs and other websites that are sharing your link which in turn tells
Google that your website is popular so there’s a couple ways that you could get
backlinks and kind of get your links shown around the web you could go on
Fiverr and you could buy backlinks thousands of them for around five
dollars a lot of times you could get some cheap SEO work done on Fiverr but
another way for free is you would look up your niche followed by guest posts so
in this example I be searching vape guest post what this does is it brings
up a bunch of results that are in your niche of various blogs that allow guest
posts on their blog so you could write up all this description about your
website and then leave your link at the bottom now you don’t want just any old
blog linking back to your website you need to check the authority of the
domain you want a mixture of high authority domains and a mixture of low
Authority domains so for example if we’re looking at these various blogs
that are offering guest posts I’ll show you here how you could check the
authority of these blogs so well literally this website has a bunch of
popups and super annoying don’t do that on your Shopify store so we will
literally just copy these links and all I did was I searched domain Authority
checker I selected the first result on Google and will enter the URLs of the
blog’s that are offering guest posts check Authority all right my internet
kind of took a crap but basically it’s probably because of the typhoon here but
essentially all you’ll do is you’ll enter in those domains and you’ll check
their authority and you’ll get a mixture of domains that are on different levels
of authority and then you’ll do guest posts and link back to your store on
those posts hopefully that makes sense just let me know in the description if
you have any questions powerful bonus tip of the day so you’re gonna go to
apps we’re gonna figure out how to streamline that entire image SEO process
we’re gonna go to Shopify app store and we’re gonna search image SEO and you’re just gonna find a free one
that is ranked or it’s reviewed pretty well and you’re gonna install that and
just follow the instructions and it’s gonna streamline the entire process of
adding the alt tags to your images so that was four tips for Shopify
SEO for beginners peace out you


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    Shopify SEO for beginners! (AKA Shopify search engine optimization) Today I go over a bit of a Shopify SEO tutorial so that you can learn about Shopify SEO optimization. These Shopify SEO tips will help you drive free traffic to your store if you're lacking the initial capital. There is a Shopify SEO app that I talk about but it's mostly about Shopify SEO optimization 2018. Be sure to watch this video to learn the beginner SEO for shopify store! Some might be looking for SEO for Shopify website, or SEO for shopify site, but either way there should be some valuable SEO Shopify tips here. Enjoy the video and I hope you learn some good info on the best SEO for Shopify!

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    Trololol xD

    Great video ,jesse i just opened my general shopify store what would you recommended me to do right now how to get free traffic

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    Dennis Tchen

    GREAT tips my friend!!! Btw, if it is legal to use other people's content like yahoo articles and use in our YouTube videos and give them proper credit at the end of the video? Be safe from the typhoon.

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    Casie White

    Who wouldn't be interested in financial freedom! I love all the valuable content you are putting out here. This video is helping me out for sure. SEO was way over head before this, have my notes ready and heading over to my store now, thanks!

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