11x Little-Known Secrets To Ranking On YouTube

11x Little-Known Secrets To Ranking On YouTube

do you want to know how you can be ranking on youtube while sleeping keywords so that you attract leaves and
customers and clients to business I’m Tracy Byrnes and even today I’m gonna
show you that clearly that a pen and paper and I want it in just a point down
number 10 ninety to one of the big points that I like to help people with
these really make sure that your video is fewer focused did you realize in this
video I’m not talking about myself I’m going on about when I feel like talking
about it has to be video today I’m here to teach you how to get on something
that you want to think about what you clients want to answer the questions be helpful and give value in your videos
this will ensure that people love your contacts what’s it all the way to the
end and then share with friends and colleagues when he could not hear about
what you wanted to your video about that his client and beautify pissed that I
want you to look for a key won’t that look at what people are searching for a
good secret to a lot of people will only make videos and search search search for
hundreds of thousands of times on Google me all those little keywords that no one
is doing video I thought I think that during those little ones if people are
searching for a specific topic 30 views a month off thirty such as a
mother should say doesn’t have a small amount of searches ok when you’ve made
your video or whatever what you do to save it to your computer it’s easy enough to decide he pissed off
but you must the title of your keyword search and then over to YouTube video
uploading whatever we need to do is go to the title again keyword and make sure the title it’s
interesting that she and then I want you putting a discussion and here’s what
most people don’t spend any time on the description of the video this is a good
thing figured because it means that even at that video description I don’t know
if you transcribed transcribe that description into the description and remember that
description is your key word filtered through word of warning they’re doing
things that just don’t look right or don’t really make sense make it then go to the king with the
keywords and put those in his life that he would and then maybe a couple of
other than a slightly related not if you are and I highly suggest you put in your
the capture


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