if you are searching around on YouTube
looking for ways to make money online in this video I’m going to show you 10
websites that you can make $100 per day in 2019 right now without any special
skills or prior experience if this is your first time on my channel this
channel I talk about different ways to Make Money Online! alright so if you want
to learn how to become an online entrepreneur make money from home and
start generating a passive income this is what my channel is all about so
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10 different websites that I want to share a few guys so without further ado
let’s jump right in number one it’s called Amazon Associates so this is
basically the Amazon affiliate program where you can sign up as an affiliate
and start promoting their products across all of Amazon and start making
Commission’s to get started it’s very simple just click on this button join
now for free click into it and go through the registration process alright
hey listen after you register guess what the next thing is you need to actually
promote Amazon products right it’s only when people purchase through your link
then you can make money so what I would recommend you to do is to create product
reviews on YouTube ok so here’s an example so this channel is called think
media it’s a very huge channel over 700,000 subs so in just this video alone
he is doing a review for like the best Sony lenses for vlogging in 2019 okay
now if you actually notice the video description okay he actually puts in the
Amazon links right these are affiliate links to the respective products Kay
over here as you can see AMZN if you click into it you can see that this is
an affiliate link now if you actually if anyone clicks through these links and
purchase this product then he will receive a commission does that make
sense so that is how you can make money with Amazon Associates alright so this
is what I would recommend use YouTube to get traffic ok create product reviews
create like top 10 list or top 5 this kind of like what is doing and then you
can put your Amazon affiliate links in the video description alright so that is
Amazon Associates Program which is amazing strategy to start making money
online now let’s move on to number two number two is actually Google Adsense
okay there’s a couple of ways you can get paid via Google so the first way is
by having a block you can set up an account with Google Adsense and then you
allow ads to run on your personal block okay then as you start to build traffic
to your blog then you can start making money
leave your block however what I would recommend is you create a YouTube
channel instead because we have a YouTube channel you can also make money
through Google Adsense now what’s really cool about YouTube is that you can
actually do what you love okay when it comes to creating content when it comes
to creating videos you can create videos that you are actually interested in and
you are passionate about all right now let’s move on to number three which is
this website called jvzoo so basically this is another affiliate market piece
you’re going to promote digital products for example software ok you make money
by them paying you commissions all right so basically you’ll sign up as an
affiliate and then you can promote products on jvzoo
ok and when people actually purchase the products that you promote and you
receive money you are going to receive commissions from them ok so if you are
interested in affiliate marketing they make sure you subscribe to my
youtube channel because I share tons and tons of different information on
affiliate marketing as well all right now let’s move on to number 4 Amazon
Kindle publishing alright so some will call it Amazon KDP so basically you
create ebooks and then you upload them into Amazon alright so you are selling
the ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle Store from there you can start generating a
passive income whenever people purchase your ebooks now generating passive
income is really awesome isn’t it but I have something really cool about Amazon
down to share with you guys alright so what almost nobody knows about on how to
make money with Amazon is that when it comes to Amazon Kindle books you can
either write them yourself or you can even outsource it entirely and get
someone else to write the book for you alright so the next website that I’m
going to share with you you can actually use it you can outsource to someone over
there to write the book for you alright so you can rinse and repeat this process
and over time you will have a lot of ebooks written and all of these can make
you passive income okay so now let’s move on to number 5 which is really
awesome because I just told you about website where you can outsource right
where you can pay people to write books for you so this website is called upward
okay so when it comes to out work this is basically a freelancing marketplace
so I can do such as a Virtual Assistants like I’m in
support if you are good at graphic design there can be a graphic designer
if you are good at programming they can do programming stuff all right so this
is upward comm this is the website where you can come and work as a freelancer
all right now let’s move on to website number six this is the website called
Flippa okay fli PPA so over here this website is a marketplace where you can
actually purchase websites and then you can either resell them or you can just
keep the website keep it growing and you can make passive income with these
websites all right now moving onto website number seven this one is really
awesome because it’s so simple it’s so basic but do not underestimate it all
right so this app is called gosh this is available on both Apple and Android so
you just install it and then you can get cash back whenever you shop okay so look
the easiest money we ever made connect your credit card and then
whenever you pay with your link card you can get cash back all right so these are
all the stores can come and check it out okay Google for doc doc cash to find out
even more okay so basically every time you shop you can get some cash back okay
and this has been featured in all of these right for its business inside a
USA Today Wall Street Journal CNN all right so this is Dodge this is a seventh
website let’s move on to the next one all right so this is website number
seven this is text broker so this is basically a website where you can come
over here and you can get paid to write contents okay
so text broker calm let me just click over here I write content you can click
into it and you can check it out all right so you can earn money to write
content and then all this different information can come and read it up if
you’re interested in writing okay so what’s really cool is the more you
write and the better the quality the more you are going to get paid okay here
you can see for a to star quality you can get seven zero point seven cents but
obviously if your quality is higher like five stars you can get five cents per
word all right so look if you are a four star author the average pay is like this
so what’s really fun about this is you can actually calculate your earnings so
now let’s just say your quality is like four stars so if your quality is four
stars when you write 1000 word article you can receive 114 dollars
now obviously the more you write the more you are going to get paid right so
if you let’s see write like a 5,000 more article then you’re going to get $70
okay so imagine if you just spend one day writing a 5,000 word article you can
get $70 so imagine if you do it every single day all you do is just write an
article or 5,000 words then you can get 17
every day not obviously the better you get right over time when you become five
stars quality then get paid even more so look when you come when you’re five
stars quality instead of making seventy dollars you’re making two hundred and
fifty dollars isn’t that crazy so this is the website it’s text
Brooklyn now let me show you a really cool heck how you can actually type or
Halle cane right without even using your hands kay let’s say if you type really
slow or if you don’t want if you know you don’t feel like typing then here’s
how you can actually use this secret cheat code what I want to do is open up
Google Docs take on Google for Google Docs once you’re here you can create a
new document then check out this thing it’s called voice typing under tools
click on voice typing the shortcut is ctrl shift s okay over here click to
speak of course you allow your Mac man over here we can basically write or
without typing here let me just restart hey what is up guys look I am typing
without even using my hands new paragraph isn’t this awesome new
paragraph all right so are you guys getting this okay so you saw ourselves
this is how I can actually write or type long articles without even typing okay
so this is a super awesome way for you to use in combination with text Brooklyn
right so textbook that you’re getting paid to write but when you find out this
trick you don’t even have to type all right
you just need to turn on your microphone and they just start talking you will
automatically type whatever you are saying into all these words then you
just copy and you just paste it in and then from there you can get paid for
writing even though you are not really writing okay so this is website number
eight and this is called valid daily so obviously this is a legit website you
can see it has been featured with Google Amazon Microsoft alright so this is
where you can actually do testing and can get paid so go to valley de website
we can show you click on get paid to test okay so look test websites make
money is that simple make start making money okay so lots of companies use
validate lead to improve their products including Google Amazon Microsoft
Salesforce Allstate okay so how it works you make money for every test you take
you’ll be asked to complete a set of tasks you just stick your thoughts out
loud and then you answer a question okay regarding you know a website or okay so
it’s very simple you sign up you start taking tests and then you can get paid
all right so obviously are good but need a microphone right so they can
your thoughts Oh all right so how much will you get paid well it depends about
over here you can see many of their studies paid $100 range okay and then
they pay you via PayPal all right so this is the website this is website
number eight let’s move on to website number nine all right and this is
website number nine and this is transferring me calm so this is a
website where you can get P by transcribing that means you will be
given in a video or an audio alright and then you will type out what you hear
you are basically converting what is being spoken you convert speech into
text okay so to join this go to transcribe me calm click over here join
as a transcriptionist okay so look they pay more than anyone that’s really
awesome they pay a fifteen to twenty two dollars per audio hour isn’t it awesome
and the top of the earning is two thousand two hundred dollars
all right so there’s growth and learning opportunities k they will promote from
within and transcriptionist enjoy their work and get career advancement
opportunities okay so that’s you can come and check it out by the way they’re
no experience or upfront investment is needed okay you can work from home so
that’s really great they can go from anywhere there is
freedom there is flexibility work from the comfort of your own home whenever
you are well how much you want you can transcribe short one to two-minute clips
the transcript long interviews and then when you complete the system will send
you another micro task to transcribe okay so that’s really good because I
mean can you imagine transcribing like one hour long is going to be really
boring which is why this is awesome they actually break it down into small chunks
small micro tasks a and there’s no limit to how many can be processed alright so
if you are really how work in eager to make a lot of money then that’s great
because there is no limit okay so they pay really well fifteen to
twenty two dollars per hour and it’s a relatively simple task because you are
simply transcribing k transcribe audio or video into text you just type what
you hear and then you can get paid it’s that easy so this is the ninth website
which is transcribe me calm all right congratulations finally we are now at
website number ten and this is called shutterstock.com so you might have heard
of this website before but let me just explain to you how it works so over here
you can actually purchase like photos you can purchase photographs you can
purchase like vectors or illustrations like people’s drawing it can purchase
icons footage from music so there’s just such something like coffee
okay so over here like businesses entrepreneurs companies like magazines
or even schools or like students for presentations they might need really
good images so all of these images you can’t just use them right if you want to
use them you have to actually purchase it okay
so let me just click and do it here you can see it’s watermark if you want to
get it going to create an account and buy it okay you got to pay for it now
how can you make money with Shutterstock so it’s very simple over here you can
see this button called cell contents so we click into cell contents so this will
bring you to the registration website so you can share your work and start
earning okay remember I show you people could purchase like photos vectors icons
footages or even illustrations so if you are good at photography if you are good
at drawing if you’re good at graphic design like look at this if you’re good
at drawing illustrations especially like computer graphics or even if you just
love taking photos you can come to shutterstock click get started register
okay so you can become a contributor create you produce high quality images
and videos for customers to download submit it okay and every time somebody
downloads your content when somebody doubles your photos your images your
drawings of course they are going to pay for it and of course you are going to
make money every time your content is downloaded alright so that’s how you
make money and here you can see more than five hundred dollars five hundred
million dollars has been paid out over the last 15 years okay so this is the
tenth website which is called shutterstock.com hey listen don’t forget
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fact if you’re still watching at this point hey leave a comment down below let
me know that you are one of the few very special and serious and committed ones
who actually watch till the end all right now hey thank you so much that’s
it for this video once again I want to thank you for watching and I can’t wait
to see you again in my next video have a great day


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