10 Things Millennials Have Killed | Millennials & Boomers React

10 Things Millennials Have Killed | Millennials & Boomers React

– It says…
– Hold on. – …”Millennials are killing boobs.”
– What? – (FBE) Welcome Boomers…
– Thank you. – (FBE) …and Millennials.
– Oh! – Thank you.
– That’s true! – Yeah.
– (FBE) So, we brought you in, because you represent
two different generations who appear to be
at odds with each other. – I was just about to say.
I don’t know why so many Boomers are so upset with the Millennials.
– Yeah. – I don’t get it myself, but…
– I feel like we’re cool. – (FBE) So, the phrase “Millennials
are killing” has become a trendy way to title op-ed news pieces,
generally involving a writer noting things like Millennials’
financial situation and more that are allegedly hurting
the American economy as a whole. – I just think it’s because
we’re not really thinking about spending money.
– I’ve heard about it, but see, I don’t agree,
’cause I really respect Millennials. – (FBE) We are gonna review 10 things
Millennials have allegedly killed, and we’re gonna vote
if we really think they’re responsible for its demise.
– Well, they’re killing avocados at a very fast rate.
– The reputation is, you know, the Boomers are hogs,
and the Millennials are from another planet.
That just kind of seems to be the the generalization.
– This just seems to me like older people are unhappy
with their lives, and they just wanna
blame Millennials on everything. How can you blame people
in that age range for killing the economy when you were
the one who built the economy, because you’ve been around longer? This is crazy.
– Oh, this is gonna take a really long time.
– (FBE) Here is your first image. – (chuckles) Okay.
– I can’t believe th– Oh, dear.
– We can add sex to the list of things Millennials are killing.
– That is [bleep]. – These Millennials… Is this with a partner or without?
– That’s not real. – No. And we can vote
on this right away. Sex is just fine.
– Is this true? What’s wrong with you? – Uhh. Ha-ha, ha…
ha-ha, ha-ha-ha! – For [bleep] sake.
I mean, come on, right? – It’s on a case-to-case basis.
– This is stupid. – Yeah.
– This is stupid. And then they try to do
that whole pithy little, like, “Too much Netflix,
not enough chill.” Come on, Josh! – (FBE) According to
an article by Politico, 50 years
after the sexual revolution, sex in America is in decline.
What are your thoughts? – Like they’d be experts on sex.
– Yeah, I know. – That’s a political website.
– That’s not just the Millennials. I mean, that’s–
when I go into a restaurant and two people are out together
and they’re both on their phones, I’m going, “What kind
of a relationship is this?” – (FBE) Did Millennials kill sex?
Is it dying on its own? Or is it still kicking?
– It is all hype. – It’s all hype.
– I don’t think Millennials are killing sex.
– That’s just silly. – That’s crazy.
– It’s silly. Who wrote this article?
A eunuch? – I think it’ll be just fine.
– Still kicking. – It’s never gonna die.
– We’re kickin’. – (both) We’re kickin’. – It’s kickin’.
– Oh, yeah. – Well, being the Boomers–
and I’m sorry if it makes y’all sick–
– No, let’s hear it. – We’re still havin’ it.
– WOOOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO! – As much as we can get! – (FBE) Here is the next one.
– I can’t see that. Are you kidding?
I’m old. – It says…
– Hold on. – …”Millennials are killing boobs.”
– What? – (giggles)
– Millennials are killing boobs? You’re gonna have to read that
when you see that headline. What a good hook.
You got the hook in there with the boobs, you know?
Guys go, “Boobs?!” – Don’t take away my boobs.
– “Millennials are killing boobs.” – (laughs)
– Oh, wait. No, they’re killing a mainstream chain restaurant
for its sexist display of women as servile objects.
– Millennials like the butts. I feel like butts are
the bigger trend than boobs. – (FBE) Did Millennials kill Hooters,
or did it die on its own? – I think it died on its own.
– Yeah, I think it’s just a general trend in the world.
– I think that particular one definitely kind of
died a natural death. – It died on its own,
’cause the food sucks. – I’ll say Millennials killed Hooters.
Good for them. – I’d say it’s dying on its own.
– It was already dying, and then the generation was just like,
“Okay, I’m over this,” you know? – Yeah, I’d say dying on its own.
– We’re shutting down Hooters. – Thank you.
– Putting an end to it. – All right!
– Yeah. – (FBE) Here’s another. – “Millennials are killing
the beer industry”? Really? Uh-uh. Are you sure?
– When we say Millennials are killing beer, I think
the cannabis industry is playing a huge part
in the killing of beer. – Oh, god. That’s–
I’ve never heard that one. – That makes me sad.
– That makes me VERY sad and angry. I bet the hard liquor industry
is doing better. – Yeah. where’s that article?
Millennials are booming the hard liquor industry
– So, we drink too little, people are mad.
We drink too much, people are mad. It’s just–
everyone’s gonna be mad about it. I don’t know what to say.
– (FBE) So, let’s vote. Did Millennials kill beer
and wine for everyone, is it dying on its own,
or is this industry just fine the way it is? – Well, I think it’s good
that it’s kind of dying on its own, ’cause I think we should
be drinking less. – I’ll say Millennials
are ruining this one. – They’re all killing themselves.
– They are. – Still kickin,
and it always will be a kick. – Yeah.
– Because that’s what it’s all about. Specific brands come and go
or up and down, but most people will always wanna drink.
– I would say yes. I would say Millennials
maybe are just more conscious of what they’re putting in their body.
– I agree. – Beer and wine are fine.
– I’m not worried about it. – So is the hard stuff.
People like to drink. – Yeah. People have been drinking–
– And there’s a generation coming up that’s gonna wanna drink.
– (FBE) Here’s your next one. – What the hell is it?
I can’t read that. – It looks like some kind of cheese.
“Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim?
American Cheese.” – I do have a memory of that.
It was so convenient when it first came out,
because before that, you had a block of cheese,
and you had to cut the cheese. – (snickers)
– You Know, that is one thing I’ll give the Millennials credit.
They are more self-conscious about their diet.
– I like just good cheddar cheese, BUT that cheese is awesome
on a grilled cheese, ’cause it melts,
and it’s so creamy. It’s so great.
– (FBE) According to Bloomberg, the product made famous
by Boomers on the go has met its match with Millennials
opting for dairy with ingredients they can recognize.
– Good. – I would say that is
kind of a Millennial thing. Demanding the ingredients,
demanding healthier options for not only us, but for–
– No, my generation started it a little bit, the ’60s.
– But we finished it. – No one should be blamed.
People should be praised. Like, “Oh, you’re not eating
this crap anymore.” That’s good.
– This is a better headline. You go, “Oh!”
– Yeah. – (FBE) American cheese.
Killed by Millennials, died on its own,
or is still kicking as an industry? – I say died on its own.
– I absolutely agree. – It died on its own.
– It’s a little of all three. – It died on its own.
– American cheese died on its own, because it just wasn’t good quality.
– Died on its own. – It died on its own,
’cause they’re just not keeping up with what the public wants.
– Died on its own. – Died on its own, yes.
– Yeah. – See? We agree.
– Yeah. – Do you wanna read it?
– (FBE) Here’s another one. – “Middle children are going extinct,
because millenials don’t want three children anymore.” Wow.
– Well, because they’re selfish, self-centered, and they
don’t wanna share with something else. – First of all,
they might not want to. That’s their own personal choice.
They might not have the money to sustain a family.
They can’t even take care of themselves. It’s hard.
– Right. – I don’t think it behooves anyone
to have more than two children. I’ve always felt that way.
– I got two, and I’m gonna stay with two.
– Oh, please. – Wow!
– This is just ridiculous.
– Killing the three children. – (mocking) Ohhh.
The Millennials I do talk with are not as pro-children.
They don’t see it as they have to have kids.
– I don’t want to have kids, and it’s just not
an appealing idea right now. It could change maybe one day.
– Personally, I wanna have four or five,
so I don’t fall into this. I want a big family.
– Part of the issue is that women are waiting a lot longer to have kids.
So, if you’re having your first kid at 35, you really don’t wanna
have three kids. – I have four children,
and they’re terrific. I love them, and I’m proud of them,
and they’re doing well, and they’re happy.
And the old saying is, you’re only as happy
as your saddest child. I’m pretty happy. – (FBE) According
to the New York Times, it’s been said Millennials
are delaying child birth until later in life.
So, do you agree it’s still kicking?
– That’s a good point… – Yeah.
– …because, first of all, to afford a home anywhere
if you live in Southern California or any major metropolis,
it’s expensive and you need, most of the time, two working parents.
– (FBE) You don’t agree it’s still kicking?
– No, no. – No.
– It’s dying on its own. – I disagree.
I think it’s still kicking. – I don’t know if
it’s a Millennial thing. I feel like it’s more
of an economy thing. – I think there’s
a lot more factors involved. – I think it kind of is
the Millennials’ fault. – I think it’s dying on its own.
– I do think the Millennials had a big affect on it.
I wouldn’t call it murder, ’cause I’d call it common sense.
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– “Millennials are allegedly ruining hotels for every…”
– Oh, because of Airbnb? (laughs) – That’s Airbnb’s fault!
It’s not Millennials’ fault. I know tons of people who
aren’t Millennials that love Airbnb. – (FBE) Where do you stay
when you travel, Libby? – I stay in hotels.
When I travel, I wanna just get away from having to do things for myself.
I don’t wanna be staying in someone’s home where part
of the responsibility for keeping things nice is from me.
Uh-uh. I want someone else to do it. – It’s easier, and there’s hostels,
which are so much cheaper than hotels. – I don’t like staying
in somebody’s extra bedroom. I’m a guy that likes his privacy,
so I’m a hotel guy. – (FBE) So, what’s
the verdict for hotels? – Still kickin’, obviously.
– Still kickin’. I think they’re still kicking.
– I think it’s still going fine. – Oh, yeah.
No, it’s still going fine. – They’re completely fine.
– Yeah. It sounds like they’re doing just fine. – They’re kicking!
– They’re very much kickin’. – I think they’re still kicking.
– I feel like hotels are just always
gonna be popular. – (FBE) Here’s a big one.
– Okay, well I’ve heard about this one,
and it’s because Millennials have a different idea
of what they want home to look like. – “Are Millennials Killing
the US Housing Market?” I mean, it’s crazy.
I don’t ever think about buying a house,
and I don’t think I’m close to ever wanting to put
a down payment on a house. – If we’re gonna look
at the Millennials, they do change location on jobs.
A lot of the companies that they get involved with
are in multiple cities, so you don’t wanna set your roots in.
– I’ve always tried to own it, because there’s so many
advantages to owning. In those days, you could write off
all the interest and the taxes and all that.
That’s been more limited now. – My generation, the Boomers,
it was just like homeownership, you do whatever you could
to get a house right away. If you got married,
you got a house and you had kids. – You go into college,
you come out with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt,
a lot of people, like at least
a hundred thousand dollars, and then you have a hard time
finding a job, ’cause no one wants to hire Millennials, and then
you don’t have any money, you’re in debt. And then
how are you gonna buy a house?! – (FBE) So, only a third
of Millennials are homeowners, the same amount of Millennials
who also live with mom and dad. This 2016 statistic
is the lowest rate that homeownership has ever seen
since the ’60s. – That’s another point
I hadn’t thought of that I hear, that more Millennials live at home
than any of the other generations. I mean, we were out the door
at 18 years and one day. – (FBE) So, did Millennials
kill this one? What do you think? – I think it’s killing itself
by greed. – No.
– I don’t think WE’RE necessarily killing the housing market.
– It’s hard for me to put it into one of those three categories,
when there’s a lot of factors it depends on,
and it goes up and down. – Still kicking.
I mean, if it’s slowing, yeah.
– It depends on the market and the city, but I mean,
out here, like, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco,
it’s kicking hard. – It’s still kicking.
Are you kidding? With all the new houses
that are being built? – (FBE) Let’s go to the next.
– “The Millennial trends that are killing cable.”
– Netflix was the best thing. My husband’s happier
than a pig in [bleep] with Netflix. – Ever since I was
a freshman in college, TV died for me.
I don’t watch TV anymore. – Three days ago, I called DirecTV
and canceled my DirecTV. I really don’t have time
for all these shows. I only have maybe,
if I’m really pushing it, 45 minutes a night.
– (FBE) Do you think Millennials killed cable?
Was it already dying on its own? Or is it still kicking?
– Dying on its own. – Dying on its own.
– We killed it with our streaming services.
– And I kind of agree. – It died on its own.
– I agree. – Netflix and Hulu
and Amazon Prime killed cable. – Dying on its own.
Yeah, it was dying on its own, yeah. – (FBE) Here’s your next.
– “Cool. Millennials are now killing divorce.”
I think that’s a good thing. – Is that because
they’re not getting married? – (both laugh)
– Divorce? Oh my– boy, you are being blamed
for a lot, aren’t ya? – (both laugh)
– Ours was the first generation, again, where a lot of the stigma
had been taken away from divorcing. – When I chose to marry my wife,
it was because I knew I’d spend the rest of my life with her.
It wasn’t because I was like, “Ehhh, I’m about 60% sure
that this is a good thing.” – (chuckles) Right.
– No, I was like, this is 100%. Let’s get married.
– For my generation, you got married
before you really knew yourselves. – People are waiting longer to
get married till they know theirselves, so they know that they’re sure,
they’ve done everything that they wanna do,
and then they get married. Or sadly, it could be
because not as many people are getting married,
so there’s not as many divorcing. – (FBE) What do we think
about this one? – Dying on its own! – (sighs) Yeah.
– I’m a Millennial, and I’m not getting divorced,
so technically, I guess I did kill divorce.
– Right. And I guess I follow the Millennial pattern.
I didn’t even get married… – Woo! Young at heart.
– …until I was almost 40. Yeah. (laughs)
– Young at heart. – (both) It’s still kicking.
– It’s totally an option, unfortunately.
– Yeah. – It’s still 50/50.
It’s always 50/50. – It’s not– no one’s killed it.
– I think it might be more of the Millennial generation,
People are getting less divorces, which I think is great.
– Divorce is always gonna be there, because it’s the way out. – (FBE) Here’s another.
– “Are Millennials killing the vacation?”
Hmm. – I don’t know. Are you?
– (both laugh) – The Millennials
had very little chance– I’m still in school.
I’m graduating this May. And so, I haven’t really had–
even had a legitimate job that’s giving me a salary
that gives me the opportunity to save up for a vacation.
– I get a vacation every year. I don’t go anywhere.
I like to stay in my little bubble at home.
– The end result is getting successful and income so now you can
do what you want. So, you may sacrifice that now,
so you can reap the benefits later. – The idea of Millennials
is, “Oh, they don’t wanna work hard. Oh, they want
everything handed to them.” People are literally giving up
their vacation, because they want to be a hard worker. – (FBE) So, do we think
Millennials killed vacation, dying on its own,
or it’s still kicking? – I think it’s still kicking.
– People take vacations all the time still.
– I think it’s on its way to dying. – I think it’s still kicking.
– Vacations are still kicking. – Yes.
– Oh, yeah. – I feel like vacations aren’t dying,
but that’s just from my perspective. – This is fine.
– Still very much kicking. – We’re still vacationing.
– Yeah. – I don’t think Millennials
are killing the vacation. I don’t know who comes up
with these things. – (FBE) So, did Millennials
get a fair rap or unfair rap? – Same natural progression
as from my parents to me. I was a rebel
according to my parents. – These journalists like
to call Millennials lazy. Well, I’m gonna throw that
back at them and, “Stop being a lazy journalist.”
Trends go up or down. Look into it.
Just don’t say, “Millennials!” – Millennials are definitely
being treated unfairly, but I feel like that happens
to every generation, you know? Whatever generation’s there,
people are just gonna attack it and blame them for everything.
– I’m not anybody’s rival. You know what I mean?
I don’t plan on picking fights with people who are gonna help me.
And he’s in a different generation, it doesn’t matter.
– Oh my god. – (FBE) We can do this, guys.
– Let’s go to Hooters together. – Oh… not Hooters.
– Johnson’s? – Maybe.
– Okay. – Subscribe.
New shows every day. – Bye, guys.
– Bye! – Hey, guys. Sabrina here, elder Millennial.
Thanks so much for watching. We can’t do this without you.
Don’t forget: hug a Millennial today. Bye, guys.


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    Sounds like PC activists and a mismanaged economy are to blame for most of these. Millenials are a convenient scapegoat and diversion.

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    Are these people born between 80s and end 90s…? Because I thought people in that era are calling millennials??? 🤔

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    Banks are killing the housing market, there aren’t any real jobs/careers that pay enough, everything is expensive, college is expensive (unless you have a scholarship under your belt). I blame the government and the banks, especially the federal reserve.

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    Goblin Slayer

    What's a millennial?

    Note : I'm sorry I just do not keep up with the trends I'm still stuck in 1960 to 2016 (the only thing I keep up with is technology video games and movies) plus I don't really use social media that much I do have Instagram but i don't go on that much

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    Annalisa Steinnes

    What about "millenials are saving the environment, respecting diversity, and giving a sh*t"?

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    Scarlet Moon

    6:55 oof. That one hurt, im the middle kid of 3 😂 and i actually do want three kids.

    11:36 true, i dont really watch cable TV anymore, mostly because what i want to watch is in a different language and I dont have the channels. I do, however, watch Disney with my mom because of new Disney movies that are coming out

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    The more I think about it, you can't blame us for hooters. Every time I've seen a hooters chick the past 5 or so years, they were petite and not all that cute, combine that with average wings and hooters has lost the hook that brought people in the door

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    As a millennial and certified alcoholic…I can say that we are definitely not killing beer and wine industry

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    Paula Lerma

    its not the millennial fault
    being in a big family of 7 and seeing the hardship
    how are the parents having hard time?
    economical and mentally want to do parenting right the first time

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    Digital Note

    Boomers are responsible for 100% of all the things mentioned. To top it off, instead of acknowledging it, they say it died on its own. That's the response of a child. Boomers are the most irresponsible generation in history.

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    I think they mean big corporate beer is dying. I think most millenials just prefer local craft brews. I mean, have you tasted Coors…yikes.

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    maestr Rogu

    About marriage im quite certain most men see it as a very raw deal, even if you love a woman and want to spend the rest of your life with her.
    Its one bad move, one accident or one screw that came undone and you lose half your shit.

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    I'm a millennial and while I haven't found a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with yet, the day she and I are naked together and going at it will be the joyous day of my life so no sex is not dying.

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    7:39 Yeah of course we are! All the jobs we would have been looking at upon graduation all require a higher degree, or years of experience! Sometimes, BOTH! D:<

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    Luther Barrett

    Back in the days of the ancient Greek philosophers, the older generation was calling the younger generation lazy for inventing the book. They claimed that they just wanted the knowledge at their fingertips, handed to them, instead of having to memorize it from scrolls.
    This sort of thing has literally been going on since the dawn of man.

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    Yeah, on the subject of vacations…
    Ain't nobody got time fo' that.
    The most I can get at my job, is one week away time. And it's not like I can afford one anyway.

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    Snehartho Dey

    Boomers are the worst followed by the millenials who are a present day reflection of boomers. Gen X – the cool bunch all the way!

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    Hunter Thunell

    It’s sad that you’re surprised about beer dying out, you shouldn’t have to be surprised about people not in taking a chemical that clouds their judgement

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    Liam Godinez

    About the cheese thing yeah we don't recognize your GMO's and your chemicals you put in it and count them as ingridients.

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    zzrocks zzrocks

    For the divorce thing, how would you know it is way to early to find out millennials are not even married yet and I know sadly there is a lot of divorce in the generation before millennials many of my friends have grown up without both parents in the household and it is sad to see. If it is true that millennials are killing this then that is very good.

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    David Moreno

    It amazes me that an entire generation was raised on the idea of moderation and to refute excess. Then we get blamed for it. Also, gimmie a craft single any day.

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    green house

    millennials killing vacation are you kidding me?
    millennials makes vacation a priority rather than having their own house.

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    Artemis Wolf

    Millennials aren’t killing any of this, it’s companies coming up with better alternatives and people taking them.

    Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

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    Evil Peter

    I don't see vacation as something that's still kicking in the US. It's something that needs to be born. Tons of people have 2 weeks of vacation per year, which is pathetic. Studies show that people don't really truly relax until after 2 weeks of consecutive time off, so I'm glad that I live somewhere where it's a right to have 4 weeks of consecutive vacation during the summer, and 5 weeks minimum per year.

    People that get proper time off, and that work reasonable hours, are both healthier and more efficient. European countries seem to be better at realizing that in general though. Working smarter, not harder.

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    How about using actual millennials in a millennial titled video? We're in our 30s now,l. These kids are gen z.

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    Jason Michalowski

    Millennials are killing the beer industry cause they can't get the same feeling heroin and pills give them. Millenials are also killing Science and Facts. They are the same lunatics who believe in infinite genders and Men can have babies.

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    Communism With Giggles

    "I just think it's because we're not really thinking of spending money."
    Are you sure about that?

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    Boomers are funny even generation X

    I’m a millennial my grandmother is a baby boomer.And I don’t drink alcohol cause I care for my health

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    Joker jr

    Aren't most millennials whole lives one big vacation? Cause all they do is waste money on worthless school instead of working hard.

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    trends are trends these articles are worthless

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    College debt and a rigged economy are the reason for all of these we were born into a broken economy so imagine how shitty you have to be to blame us for that.

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    Alex Nevarez

    They keep saying its dying on its own but dont realize that they been doing it. We are also killing taking responsibilty for ourselves.

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    Robert Shelek

    Maybe, just maybe, you should use Boomers from somewhere other than California. Pretty sure you would be getting much different answers from the rest of the country.

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    Jin Seon

    It’s like parents blaming the child for their (parents) faults when the child is just trying to break away from an aweful tradition

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    Lol millennials aren’t killing shit last time I checked most ppl in power in corporations and politics aren’t millennials so how is it my generations fault for shit they aren’t even old enough to run into the ground wtf

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    daniel voss

    Honestly millenials are a bunch of easely offended pricks who thinks the world owe them something… fuck em

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    Cody Kees

    Everytime they say "dying on it's own" irks me. Its dying because there isn't a demand for it? And what drives demand? Consumers. And who makes up a huge majority of consumers? Millenials. So yes, it is very possible that all these things are a result of millenial interests. Not saying its conclusive, but saying dying on its own because i noticed it going downhill just seems obsurd. Did you ever think of the cause?

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    Caroline Dela Fuente

    Different timelines
    Different generations
    Different mindset

    It's just that.

    And also technology…

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    Some things just stop trending naturally it’s no generation’s fault really.. so if I’m ditching cable for streaming services, shopping online, riding with Uber, living in a small studio apartment, drinking cocktails, eating healthier etc. it’s literally no one’s business

  84. Post
  85. Post
    bill ding

    Turned on
    Tuned in
    Dropped out
    Dropped in
    Worked out
    Saved up
    Dropped dead

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  89. Post
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  91. Post

    Looking at these “Boomers” I realize I look great for my age.
    Seriously, I’m in my forties and STILL get carded for beer.

  92. Post
  93. Post
  94. Post

    FOR ONE… THAT IS A LIE… a few TWINKS ON “SOCIAL MEDIA” say it, and all of a sudden it must be true… just like all of the other LEFTIST, TRAITOROUS SHIT THEY TRY AND PUSH ON BRAINLESS DIPSHITS…AND TWO… MILLENNIALS BRED THE SOYBOI… so… yeah…

  95. Post

    Ugh, how typical to blame the young people – coming into the economic world – for the problems OF the economic world they're JUST trying to enter! Millennials killing housing market? How? By not affording housing? Well, sorr-ee, we'll just go ahead and get higher salaries then – on average – across the board!

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  98. Post

    I go on vacation every few years with my 6 person family to hotels to watch their cable cause I don't have cable.

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