10 People Who Beat The System w/ Teens | The 10s

10 People Who Beat The System w/ Teens | The 10s

– Oh, oh my gosh. – This kid’s really out here
living his best life. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Are you someone
who has ever beat the system? – Oh yeah.
Yeah, I definitely beat the system, I feel like,
on a pretty regular basis, especially in school. – I don’t wanna give
myself up. – See, I don’t cheat per se,
but I sometimes, “Hey, I mean the rule
didn’t say I couldn’t do this.” – Definitely more middle school
age, I thought I was so funny, but it’s like, no.
You’re just being stupid and disrespectful. – I’m not very good at it,
but sometimes I try. Beating the system is
finding a shortcut that works if you theoretically didn’t
need one and it’s like taking the easier way out. – “Boys wear skirts on a hot day
to school in protest at being told they were not allowed
to wear shorts.” This is so funny
and I love this so much that these guys did this. – I love that.
I love that they all banned together, really committed,
and actually wore a skirt to school, because that’s the hard part
is getting other people to commit with you. – Personally, I would not do this
because I prefer not to wear shorts in the first place,
so I wouldn’t really care. – They were told they had a rule
to not wear their shorts, but they were never told
not to wear skirts, so they just wore skirts
and if they get yelled at, be like, “Yo, we weren’t
told that, so you can’t get mad at us.” – There’s one wearing shorts.
They’re all super happy that they beat the administration.
Like, “I mean, you said we couldn’t wear shorts,
so why not wear skirts? They’re not shorts, are they?” – I can just picture all of
the angry principals and I like it.
I went to a school where the dress code
in middle school was so ridiculously strict that
we did wear pants in 100 degree heat
because we weren’t allowed to wear anything else practically.
We were only allowed to wear clothes that–
they weren’t manufactured like that, so good job
beating the system. – “Food isn’t allowed in the
living room. His tablet isn’t allowed
in the kitchen. He beat the system.
I quit.” That’s clever. – I’ve seen this picture.
That’s awesome. – Oh my gosh, this kid’s
really out here living his best life.
I wouldn’t even think about that. – This four year old
is figuring out loopholes to his parents’ rules
more than I ever would at his age.
The food’s in the kitchen. Technically it’s on
the linoleum. The tablet’s on the one
square of carpeting. – You have to let them
get away with it, right? You have to. – You can’t get mad at a kid
if they’re– if you give those
specific directions and they are specifically
following it, you can’t be mad. – “Pick-up line.
Kaiser permanente.” To the right.
“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” – What?
Pick– oh, oh my gosh.
That’s amazing. – That’s someone just being
a smartass, but I like that.
That’s funny. – That’s funny.
I feel like nobody thinks about that kind
of stuff and then somebody does it
and everyone’s like, “Oh, that’s funny.” – It’s more just being punny
if anything instead of beating the system. – I don’t know if this
necessarily is a beat the system, but it’s definitely clever.
I’d probably take a photo of it, send it to the homies. – Breaking a system is kinda
like the last one where there’s rules
and you’re breaking the rules, but not breaking the rules.
That’s messing a system. This one’s more like a joke,
but yeah, it’s cool. – All right, so this person’s
got a sheet tray full of cookie dough
and it’s super hot out, so they’re trying to make
some cookies without wasting their energy.
I mean, all right. Beating the system, you know.
Not wasting the gas, less money on electric bill. – I’ve seen people do that
with an egg on days that it’s ridiculously hot outside,
especially in California, people are always like,
“You can cook an egg on the cement.”
They try to do it, but that’s smart with
your cookies, ’cause you’re just chilling. – And they’re actually cooking, too.
That’s amazing. – The fact that this is possible
in some states worries me. – I’ve seen stuff like this
all the time and this is definitely a beat the system.
Oh my gosh, your car smells like fresh baked cookies?
I’d get in that car. – Not using your energy.
You’re using solar power technically.
You’re baking cookies. I can only imagine it’s
Arizona and it’s 100 degrees and if you can beat the system
like that, I commend you. – “Whenever I park illegally
I just give myself a fake ticket before someone else
does it for me.” Kind of illegal,
but super smart. – You know how much
bull [bleep] parking tickets are? These cops have quotas.
This is great. Yeah, screw the system
in this way. – I don’t know how
fool proof this is, but I totally think it could work
on some dumb cop. – That’s bad.
I have seen someone before or someone I knew,
he got a ticket and then he just kept
putting it there every day. He just had the same ticket,
but I mean, I wouldn’t think twice
if I was a cop. “Oh, someone already got it.
We’re fine.” – It’s a really good idea,
but let’s say a cop looks at the ticket,
you are in double trouble. – I’ve seen this and I’ve
had friends who do similar things.
At my college, we have the parking tickets
and I know people who just put 30 out.
They don’t pay for today’s but they’re assuming that
if you look and you see how many, you’re not gonna read
all of them and you know, beating the system. – “Please check if you flushed.
Thank you.” Oh my God, they put
check marks all over that. I love people who are
smartasses. You’re trying so hard
just to be a brat about it. – All right, so this
is how you know society is moving forward
when there’s not just one, but there’s 25 check marks
and they’re all from different people.
Once one person did it, the second one’s like,
“Oh, okay, I got you.” – I appreciate all the people
that actually did put a check mark and did
what they were asked, but that one person, evil. – I think this one’s really funny.
It’s not all– it’s also not really beating
the system, but it’s more ironically great. – I see this type of stuff
all the time just at school. People trying to be funny. – I like this one.
It’s one of those clever ones, but not beating the system. – “Are you eating healthy?”
“Yes. Today, I made aged organic
milk tossed over seasoned tomato puree spread on baked
whole wheat.” Okay. – That sounds gross.
“Wow, let me see.” It’s gonna be something
disgusting probably. Ha, ha, ha. – “Wow, let me see.”
That makes so much sense now. – “Aged organic milk tossed
over seasoned tomato puree spread on baked whole wheat.”
So, pizza. Oh my God.
“Wow, let me see.” I love that, ’cause they
made it sound all fancy like, “Yeah, I totally had it”
but no, it’s just pizza. – “Wow, let me see.”
It’s probably pizza. Yep, perfect.
Randomly with my friends and I, I feel like no one else
thinks it’s funny except my friends,
but when we go to restaurants, we always say stuff
like this. We always make the food
a lot more– seem more extravagant
than it is. – This guy beat the system
because that is– he’s not even lying.
He’s telling the truth. – It’s the best phrasing
of “Oh, are you eating healthy?” and you’re like, “Sure.
These are all the ingredients that could be healthy
on their own.” – “So, we’re not supposed
to say anything too negative in our senior quotes, huh?
No worries.” – “The Office, Season 7,
episode 19, minute 14:45. – “Should have burned this place
down when I had the chance.” That’s amazing. – “Should have burned this place
down when I had the chance.” Damn. – I love that.
That’s a lot of effort for people to actually just
be like, “Okay, let me find the time slot
and then go put it in there,” so they deserve to have that
in the yearbook because they put in the work. – I love senior yearbook quotes
that you don’t really understand at first or that are
secret lettering and then you find it
and it’s an episode or it’s a time code
or it’s done backwards. So creative, so clever. – I was actually thinking
about doing something like that for my senior quote,
’cause I saw this tweet on my timeline and this
is pretty funny and this is definitely
beating the system at its finest. – What are they gonna do?
They’re not gonna check that exact episode
and see what the quote was. They’re just gonna–
as long as something– as long as your quote
isn’t seemingly offensive, they’ll put it on there,
so I’d say that’s beating the system. – “A class of students were
required to pick a Marvel character to embody within
a resume and cover letter.” – “This is what one student
handed in.” Oh, name is Groot!
Ah, [bleep], funny. Oh, damn!
Oh my gosh, this was really funny.
I really like this one. – “Name: Groot.
Address: I am Groot. Email: I am Groot.
Phone number: I am Groot. Objective: I am Groot.” – The teacher got
what they asked for. – If what it says at the top,
if that’s the only directions that your teacher has given you,
can they really fail you for this? I mean, you’re doing what
they’re telling you to. Beating the system. – You can’t get mad at them
though, because that is all he says, so he gets full credit
if I was a teacher. – You can’t fail them,
’cause technically– technicalities, my favorite thing.
Technically, they did the assignment. – Groot’s language wouldn’t
be written in English, so this kid maybe
gets a C, ’cause he could have gone
all the way and learned the language
of Groot, ’cause that’s the assignment. – “Send me a pic in your bra.”
“Okay” And then it’s just a picture
in a bra. That’s amazing.
That’s perfect. – He got what he wanted,
I guess. – Because dudes are always
little idiots like that. They’re like, “Send me
your bra.” Then she’s like, “Okay.”
and then she played him. I love that.
She gets a high five for that. – Bro, she looks young, bro.
These young kids around asking for a pic of the bra.
Bro. – Marcus wants an explicit photo
and she’s like, “Pic of you in bra?
Okay, I guess I’ll do literally what you told me to.”
It’s a clever way of shutting him down. – This is probably one of those
little kids that’s like, “Hey, send me a picture.”
I see those little kids in my DMs sometimes
and I’m like, “I’m gonna tell your mom.” – It’s one, being screw you,
but also it’s finding a clever way of getting
rid of someone or telling people to get off
and stop being rude online or strange. – Good for you, Denise,
because Marcus seems like an [bleep].
She beat the system for sure and I’ve seen the ones
that are like, “Show me your nudes
or whatever” and then they send
pictures of the makeup, Nude makeup
or Nude nails or something like that, you know
and then all those girls are beating the system.
You’re out there doing good things, girls.
These ladies are gonna go far. I thought that they were fun.
I always like seeing them when I’m scrolling through
my feed because it’s something fun within
the midst of all these pictures of people. – I like to see people
who are a little creative with the way that they
handle things. – I look back and I’m like,
“Ah, I could have beat the system in this way”
or Groot. I could have Grooted
the system. That would have been
a cool thing. And so, it’s really funny to see,
even a little tiny kid beat the system
in his own way. – Beat the system photos
are super funny and relatable because I totally can imagine
myself and picture myself in a past time in my life
or in a future where I know I have to get
to the final destination and the objective,
but I just– the way to get there
is just too hard. It’s too much work,
so you gotta go around the obstacles. – Thanks for watching people
who beat the system on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out on
the next one. Make sure you Subscribe. – What did you think
of these photos? Let us know in the comments. – Peace, y’all. – ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪


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    Dog Galaxy Galaxy

    5:45 or it could be one person doing ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

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    Michael L.

    4:15 don't assume it's Arizona because it's extremely hot in Canada in the summer last summer it got to 115-126 with the humidity in Toronto

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    Alexis Joy

    5:23 is actually from a ladies' room in my college! 🤣🤣🤣
    That restroom is quite disgusting though 😑😑😑

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    Raseon Hansen

    My family has actually baked cookies in our car before 😂 in Arizona it was like 115° out and we went to the zoo. We had the cookies in the back window. By the time we came back they were completely baked (actually a little overdone).

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    xxFreeGamerboYxx Difen

    When I was in 5th grade I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to school and it was like 90 to 101 degrees out.

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    Anastasija Lukanovska

    Correct me if I'm wrong but i think the first pic was something about boys protesting cause girls weren't all9wed to wear shorts or skirts don't. DONT COME AFTER ME IF IM WRONG

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    Amirul Hakimin

    i dont understand is it 100 degree celcius or fahrenheit cause in my country 100 fahrenheit is normal and we dont care much about it but if 100 celcius it just doesnt make any sense to me?

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    Lacy Sadler

    I live in California and in 6th grade we bake pizza outside in a box with a plastic wrap window facing the sun. It was so hot

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