🚫 DROP SHIPPING RETURNS – How To Handle Shopify Returns

🚫 DROP SHIPPING RETURNS – How To Handle Shopify Returns

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scammed I’ve received some questions on how to handle Shopify returns or just
Shopify returns and exchanges in general so in today’s video we’re going to talk
about how to deal with Shopify returns so let’s go ahead and jump in to the
valuable content alright let’s go alright so how to handle Shopify returns
or just Shopify returns and exchanges in general sometime in this video I’ll let
you guys know when I’m gonna go ahead and announce the winner for the $50
giveaway I’m not gonna bail on you like every guru out there that does like a
fake giveaway just to stimulate engagement on their videos and then
never actually give the money away I’m actually gonna follow through with it
and I’ll let you guys know when I will announce a winner
coming up here soon with my experience aside from my e-commerce experience I
have eight years of working in retail as management so I’ve dealt with tons of
customers so this is all just based on my opinion but hopefully you find some
value in it so when talking about Shopify returns my opinion here is best
for low and mid-range ticket items so just keep that in mind if you’re selling
high ticket items you don’t want to deal with this differently but when you’re
dealing with Shopify returns you want to avoid as many returns as you can in the
first place so just a few tips of how you could avoid Shopify returns is you
could be sure that your supplier has a good rating you should be sure that your
Aliexpress supplier has been on Aliexpress for two years minimum be sure
that your supplier allows a packet and be sure that you’re only using a
supplier and only shipping the countries that allow a packet and most importantly
you provide great customer service all of
this will help you avoid Shopify returns in general
now each refund and each return is gonna be situational so for example is the
item defective now if you live in the country that you’re marketing to you
could have a peel box or other kind of services they have like virtual
addresses and stuff like that where you could accept returns out but really
what’s the point as far as I see it you might as well just eat the costs and
ship a new one or just simply refund the item depending on this situation and if
you end up shipping them a new item you want to do this by going into the admin
section of your Shopify account creating a new order marking it as prepaid and go
ahead and fulfill the order as you would normally when talking about how to deal
with Shopify returns like I said it’s situational maybe the item didn’t arrive
at all maybe they claimed it down arrived there’s not really any way to
determine if they’re lying or not and kind of err on the side of just trusting
them that the item really didn’t arrive and you’re gonna want to go above and
beyond depending on this situation so in a lot of cases I would just offer a full
refund and ship them a new item so they’re getting a brand new item for
free and I would just eat the cost because you want to build a long-term
relationship with these customers maybe one out of a hundred want to try to scam
you but if 99% of your customers are being honest and you go above and beyond
like this it’s really gonna stand out from the crowd so when you eventually
are doing your email marketing later you could really potentially keep them as a
long-term customer and not just do a turn and burn and make one sale off of
them piss them off and never see them again in the description I’ll leave a
link to an app’s video where I go over some email marketing techniques and
specific apps that I’ve really enjoyed you guys go remember you’re competing
with Amazon people aren’t dumb if you’re marketing to a country that has Amazon a
lot of times they’re gonna look for the same item on Amazon and they’re gonna be
comparing everything on your store to the standards of Amazon so you have to
really stand out from the crowd remember you have long shipping times you have no
control over fulfillment and returns are a pain in the ass but you can make up
for this with incredible customer service so to just recap I think in most
cases when you’re dealing with returns on Shopify – just go ahead and eat the
cost and either ship them a new product or just give them a full refund no
questions asked it’d just be pretty lenient on it in your terms of
servus you can have some protections but at the end of the day you’re gonna have
some returns you need be taking into consideration the returns as an expense
with your business because you are running a business so it’s kind of to be
expected that you’re gonna have to lose money on some things every once in a
while but if you keep the customer for long term it ends up paying for itself
all right and for the $50 giveaway I’m gonna let you know here in a second when
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was the requirement alright that was how to deal with Shopify returns peace out


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    Drop shipping returns and how to handle Shopify returns is just something we will have to deal with when running a business. But if you've never dealt with customers before, my opinion on how to deal with shopify returns might surprise you. Shopify returns and exchanges happen every once in a while but if running your store correctly, won't happen often! Check out this video to hear what I think is best when it comes to Shopify drop shipping returns or just shopify customer returns in general! Or even more specifically, Shopify aliexpress returns!

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    Taha Rizvi

    Just getting into dropshipping, thanks for all the free info. I was actually thinking about getting a PO box later on but you're right, it isn't worth the $190/year to do so right now.

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    Just Checking

    Totally agree with low-med ticket products. With high ticket products I would consider using something like shipito.

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