what is going on guys my name is Jesse
Eby if you’re new to this channel welcome i’ll be releasing weekly content in
regards to e-commerce shopify dropshipping and everything online
entrepreneurship so many people hit me up and they’re asking me for methods to
do various things without any money and to open a business you need some money
but I’m gonna share with you some tips to where you can steal your competitors
customers for completely free you can’t be lazy and you really gotta be ready to
put in the work though but first I want to thank the people that have donated it
to my channel in the description I have some affiliate links you guys have been
using and all that money that the channel earns will be invested directly
into my youtube channel thus bringing you guys more powerful content as time
goes on I could only accept one more mentorship because I need to be able to
have the free time to dedicate to the people they have donated for mentorship
as well as provide free content for as many people as possible if you haven’t
started Shopify yet consider in the description the free extended trial that
I have that gives you 30 days instead of 14 I’m the only one that’s able to offer
this so take advantage of that and you get over double the free trial time I
check the description there’s tons of resources in general in my description
that help support the channel take a look at that and let’s go ahead and jump
into the powerful content how to steal your competitors customers for Shopify
drop shipping alright let’s go mm all right all right boys and girls
let’s go ahead and jump into this now when you’re first starting out a lot of
people don’t have a lot of capital and there’s applications and there’s
services where you can pay for all of this to be automated and it makes things
a lot easier but when you’re first starting out you need to first earn that
capital from using these free methods earn some money and then invest that
back into your business and scale everything and get rocking and rolling
here so this just give me a quick video so for this example let’s look at I just
pulled up this random Instagram page custom reels let’s say you’re in the
fishing niche all you’ll do is you’ll go to somebody that’s in your niche and
you’ll go to their followers you’ll go through here and you’ll start following
whichever ones look like real pages after some time these people will
naturally follow you back at that point you will DM them and let’s go ahead and
jump into my phone here and I’ll show you how to go about messaging them so
we’ve gone through and we’ve followed some random people and we get a handful
of them they followed us back so let’s select this person here let’s say this
person followed us back already we’re gonna go here and we’re gonna send them
a message so we’ll message this person and you
guys could save this message and just copy and paste it it’s best if you give them a customized
coupon code so in this example his name looks like his name is Scott
so you and make the coupon code and your Shopify back-end something like that
Scott 50 so it’s personalized so they realize it’s not just random
automated message necessarily that’s going off to everyone that follows them
it feels more personalized you want to leave a link to your website and have an
open line of dialogue in case they have any questions with you and remember guys that 50% off is just
an example the price that you want to give them is a price that you breakeven
on because the chances of them leaving a store that they already have loyalty to
is a little more slim you want to give them a huge discount that allows you to
break event but then you obtain them as a lifelong customer so you’ll have to
figure out what that percentage is to where you break-even depending on your
item but that is the way to go ahead and jump in and obtain some customers from
competitors in your niche so like I said guys just a quick video and when you’re
first starting out and if you don’t have any cash at all you really got jump in
and get in the nitty-gritty get your hands dirty and really dive in and
contact people manually and just really you got to be obsessed about it
otherwise you’re gonna get burnt out so hopefully this was helpful for some
beginners starting out trying to get those first sales so that you can obtain
sales and obtain some capital and then invest that into growing your business
I’m probably going to start doing shorter videos because the audience
retention on my videos is on average pretty low let me know if you like the
longer form videos or if you want the shorter form videos in the comments
below drop a like on the video drop a
subscribe if you haven’t yet so we could help this movement succeed and save as
many people from being scammed by the scamming gurus as possible all right
thanks for stopping by be sure to subscribe peace out


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    Sarver Kumar

    First thing is..!!
    How's Ur Health..??

    aLways Killin iT….!!!!!!!!
    Always Long Videos Brother..!!!

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    Passi P.

    Hey Jesse – Nice Video! Love the tipps, gonna try it out soon 🙂 But one question: What's the name of the song in your intro? 😀

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    I watch every one of your videos from start to finish. Do you think people who can't even finish one of your 10-12 minute videos has the attention span to run their own online business? Probably not 😉

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