🖤HOW TO DRAW & COLOR HAIR 🖤*Tutorial* Digital Art With PROCREATE

🖤HOW TO DRAW & COLOR HAIR 🖤*Tutorial* Digital Art With PROCREATE

hi everyone this is Brendon from burning arts and today I'm gonna be showing you how I draw in color hair I've been getting a lot of requests from you guys on Instagram to make this video so I decided to finally go ahead and do it okay so for this video I'm gonna be using the twelve point nine inch iPad pro and I believe that's the biggest iPad they make that's out right now for drawing I'm gonna be using my Apple pencil and I'm gonna be drawing on is called procreate procreate is probably one of the more popular drawing ups that many artists use for drawing I draw on it pretty much every day and I love to use it it's very user friendly and maybe in the future I'll make a video on some tips and tricks for appropriate beginners alright so we're gonna go ahead and make a new canvas this particular one we're gonna be working on is gonna be four thousand pixels by two thousand pixels and on most of my canvases I usually work with either 300 or 400 dpi depending on what kind of drawing I'm making okay now that that's all clear we can move on to brushes the brushes we're gonna be using today is gonna be three that already come installed with procreate and one brush pack that I specifically purchased just for hair and I'll make sure to link that in the description below okay so for all the plat coloring we're gonna be using the calligraphy brush the brush pen to be exact which we're gonna use for the base color of the hair the second brush we're going to be using is gonna be just for shading this is the airbrushing tool called soft brush the third brush we're going to be using is under touch-ups and it's called flowing hair and lastly we're gonna be using a variation of different brushes from art with flow hair brush pack and like I said that will be linked in the description so you guys know where to get it alright now that you guys know what tools and brushes I'll be using we can move on to the tutorial I decided to sketch a simple generic female face I'll sketch the head and maybe up to the shoulders and a quick little side note if you guys are interested on making a tutorial on how to sketch and draw faces I can also do that so let me know I know in the past I've made a few little short tutorials on Instagram on how to draw a face but I'm not really talking so honestly it's just kind of like a regular speed painting video and maybe here on YouTube I can make a more detailed tutorial on how to do it and if you guys have any suggestions on future videos you like me to make please leave your ideas on the comments below I'd love to read them okay so now that the sketch is completed I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate it you can duplicate a layer by simply swiping to the left and click on the duplicate button and I'm going to duplicate this one more time so in the end I have three different female templates so now I'm just adjusting the canvas so that way the hair can be wherever I want it to be okay we are gonna be working on three different types of hair today the first one is going to be a short straight type of hair the second one will be a curly or coyly type of hair and the third and last one will be a long wavy type of hair okay so let's get started our first drawing we're gonna work on and there'll be the short straight hair we're gonna make a new layer and start sketching whether you're a beginner or not you can use references to help you out with this step of the drawing references could be used as guides or just plain inspiration and honestly you don't even have to use them at all the point is when you're starting to draw references can sometimes be very important if this is your first time drawing hair make sure you study how hair acts with the face whether it's behind the ear up on a ponytail or comb to the side this is all very significant and the more you sketch the more natural your hair will look the next time you draw it's very important to also study the way wind reacts with the hair since this could very much help your drawings become more lively and seem more realistic when I first started drawing hair was probably one of my least favorite things to draw but now honestly it's probably one of my favorites and sometimes I even base my characters around their hair so if you're happy with the way the sketch came out we are going to go ahead and add a layer below the hair sketch layer and start to pick the desired color you'd like to work with so with this particular one we're probably gonna go with a darker blue color maybe in the grayish blue tones and now we're gonna pick our flat coloring brush the calligraphy brush pen to be exact I love this brush I use it anytime I have to outline anything or when I'm looking to have really clean or crisp lines when you're adding in a flat color you want to make sure the brush are using is making very solid lines because if you have any sort of opacity in your lines once you drag and drop the color it won't fill in all the way I would recommend to draw some stray hairs here and there because in real life nobody's hair is perfect and this way you'll give your character's hair a little bit more of a natural look to it now I'm grabbing the eraser tool and just fixing the corners and little mistake that I've made I usually forget this tip and it's very important so I'm going to share it with you guys make a separate layer for your color swatches the colors will typically consist of the base color of the hair the shadows of the hair which would be a darker color from the base and the highlights which would be a lighter color of the base once you have your swatches done it'll be easier in the future so you can go back and forth between colors which you will have to so now we're gonna make a new layer and this one's gonna be for shading and don't forget to make your shading and highlighting layers into clipping masks above your base hair color this way you won't have to worry about coloring outside the lines first we're gonna start with the lighter colors we are gonna go to airbrush and choose our soft airbrush tool when you're shading in the lighter colors make sure you apply it towards the middle of the hair this means away from the roots and the ends of the hair basically anywhere where you think light will be reflected from it and I'm gonna go ahead and make another layer this was going to be for the darker shading the darker shading is gonna be applied to the roots of the hair or anywhere near the face neck or ears kind of like how you see here if you know you're gonna have more than 10 or 15 layers it probably makes it easier for you to name your layers so that's what I'm doing now and you can name them whatever you want just as long as you know what they are next we're gonna add some texture go ahead and make a new layer and we're gonna go to our art with flow hair brush set click on the darken brush since this is a darker textured hair we're gonna go in where the darker shading is pick a darker blue your color that's closer to black as you're adding in the color pretend like you're almost brushing in the hair that way it'll look a lot more natural since this is a textured brush you can almost go anywhere just as long as you're going with the flow of the hair and just keep going until it looks right to you and now we're gonna put in the highlights we're gonna add in another layer instead of darken we are gonna click on the lightened brush choose a lighter blue color closer to white and we're gonna add in the highlights on top of the lighter shading you can add as much detail as you want kind of like the texture brush this highlighting brush helps the hair have more dimension without it the hair would just look flat once you're done with the highlights you can go back and add more shading to wherever you think you need to and this last step is my favorite you're gonna add in another layer and this one's gonna be for single hairs for this one the brush you're gonna be using is called loose hairs and that's just what it is you're gonna go back to your drawing and add random hairs wherever you feel the need to this step just makes the hair look a little imperfect and more realistic it's gonna be completely up to you on how many loose hairs you'd like to add it also depends on the environment your character is on so for example if your character is outside it's probably gonna have more loose hairs than a character that is indoors now that I'm done with the single hairs I'm going back and adding some extra highlights to my hair and that's it we've completed our first pair drawing I'm really happy with how it turned out if you want to recreate this look but wanna try a different color all the same steps apply okay so our second hair tutorial is going to be a coily or curly type of hair same step as the last one we're gonna start with a simple sketch with curly hair is more about the texture so the sketch does they have to be super detailed with the sketch you kind of just want to get a basic shape for the hair once you're happy with it you can go ahead and make a new layer this layer is gonna be your base color grab your calligraphy brush and start outlining the hair when I'm outlining curly hair I usually use squiggly lines to go around kind of like this instead of rounding it out at the ends of the hair I'm making little spring shapes if that makes sense but if you're not a fan of this particular style you can go around with the squiggly lines all the way around the hair after I fill in the color I'm making sure all the hair is 100% filled in since we're dealing with curvy lines on this one it's just always better to double check so with this one we're gonna go with a brownish color for the hair we are gonna make a new layer you can name it if you want to this one is gonna be our darker shading layer grab your airbrush and start cooling we're gonna once again shade closer to the face and underneath the hair buns oh yeah and don't forget to do your color swatches okay let's make a new layer this one's gonna be under art with float hair brushes and you're gonna choose the curls brush pick your darker color and start by making small circular motions to add in the curls once you're happy with that add in a new layer and you're gonna repeat the same step this time with the lighter color when you're done go to your loose hairs brush and start adding into some single girls all the way around the hair this technique is gonna add a little bit more volume to the hair and it's also gonna make it look a little bit more natural and realistic procreate also comes with its own set of hair brushes if you don't want to buy this hair brush pack necessarily the downside to these brushes is that it doesn't come with a lot of options but we are gonna use one of these today you can find this one under the touch-ups tab and we're gonna be using the blowing hair brush and we're just gonna repeat the same last step adding hair around the edges of the hair around the hair buns the ends of the hair near the hairline in around the forehead area and using the same brush you're gonna choose a lighter color and start drying curls all over the hair this is basically gonna be your highlights layer make a new layer and with your last layer you're gonna use the same brush and the same technique but this time with a darker color closer to black keep adding these darker curls all over the hair preferably where the darker shading is at and there you have it your curly flash coily hair is done this one is probably my favorite out of the three were drawing today curly hair can add so much personality to your character when you're drawing a lot of people get intimidated by drawing this type of hair I don't think you should be in my opinion it's probably one of the easiest and prettiest wants to draw in color okay we've arrived to our last drawing this one's gonna be a wavy type of hair and probably the type of hair that most people draw myself included when I'm sketching wavy hair I want to make sure I know exactly where each wave is gonna go so later on when I'm adding in the shadows I'll know exactly where I'm shading once you're done with the sketch you're gonna make a new layer and this is gonna be your base color let's go with dirty blonde this time and you guys already know the next step grab your calligraphy brush and start outlining and filling in your base color for the hair now I didn't mention this before but in case you didn't know I'll say it you obviously know that you can color in the hair entirely manually if you want to but I'm Pro create kind of similar to the bucket tool on Photoshop you can actually drag and drop the color to the desired place you want filled in just make sure all your outlines are actually touching to form a closed shape otherwise when you drag and drop the color it's gonna fill in the whole page and you don't want that after you make a layer for your color swatches you're gonna make another layer and this time for shading when I'm shading blonde or any type of light colored hair I usually use a variation of different types of darker shades not just one like I did on the previous two edges true you'll notice how much more depth it adds the more I shade with a variety of darker tones so the shading on this one's gonna be a little bit more meticulous one thing that I used to do a lot when I first started coloring was that I would use black for shading and white to highlight of course I later found out that it looks more natural when used cooler tones to shade like blues and purples and when you want to highlight you use warmer tones like yellows and oranges and reds this tip actually helped me so much in all my drawings and I use it all the time now so while we're shading we might as well talk a little bit more about why I am doing this tutorial I started drawing almost a year ago and I decided to make an Instagram to post all my drawings I never really thought anybody would follow me except for like my close friends and family and I just can't believe how many people have followed me and supported me through my drawing journey I get so many themes about people begging me to make tutorials on Instagram or YouTube so I decided to go ahead and finally do it I didn't know how much working with me though this is like my fifth day editing and recording the video and oh my god I have so much respect for people to do this for a living and honestly if this goes well I'll probably do it a lot more often so I would love to know from you guys if you like this video or not I can take the criticism okay let's get back to the tutorial so we're gonna make a new layer and this was gonna be for Shanie but the lighter tones this time again you're gonna add the lighter shading towards the middle for example on the bangs is gonna be in between the ends and the roots and the same method applied to the ponytail once you're done airbrushing your shadows and lights you're gonna go back to art with flow hair brush pack choose the darken brush and on a new layer you're gonna use that hair brushing motion to add some texture to the hair start from the roots and go with the flow of the hair apply this method everywhere you think it needs it especially closer towards the darker parts of the hair add a new layer and click on the lightened brush this time you're gonna add the actual highlights to the hair by choosing a lighter color after I was done with that I went back and added more texture to it alright now to my favorite part the loose hairs choose your loose hairs brush and start drawing single hairs all around like so this is my favorite part because there's really no wrong way of doing it so there's no pressure and you can get pretty creative with it okay that's it we're actually finished with all three different types of hair I'm actually really curious of how many times I actually said the word hair in this tutorial probably is scary amount I truly truly hope you guys enjoy this video and I'm so sorry if it's all over the place this is the first time I'm ever according a video with my voice on it ever and posting it on YouTube for people to see in here and like I said before if you guys have any ideas on future content I should make please leave a comment and let me know hand thx for watching this video it really means a lot when you guys show your support until next time hope to see you guys very soon you


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    I really love your art. Can't wait to see more videos!
    Edit: Can you also make a tutorial on how you draw different facial expressions?

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