🔥Motivation! 💵Profit Revealed! How Much Profit on 2.5K/Day? | Shopify Dropshipping Journey 2018

🔥Motivation! 💵Profit Revealed! How Much Profit on 2.5K/Day?  | Shopify Dropshipping Journey 2018

hey are you feeling a little bit
discouraged or frustrated with Shopify well in this video I’m gonna share with
you my whole journey so far and the purpose of this video is to give you
some motivation and encouragement and I’m gonna be I’m gonna be showing you my
ads manager my store like dashboard and also I’m gonna show you my profits and
I’m gonna be revealing almost everything like besides my product so make sure to
watch the whole video till the end so I recently scaled to 2.5 K per day in the
last like two weeks but before showing you how I scaled to 2.5 k I’m gonna show
you my whole journey so let’s go to the Shopify dashboard and I’m gonna show you
like some stats I’m gonna talk about the journey like the ups and downs
alright we’re in my Shopify dashboard so yeah like like I showed you in the first
video I think I started around like 8th or 9th of May so yeah I think that’s
like 5 months ago and yeah I’m gonna show you like month by month and talk
about like the month like I’m gonna give you like a summary of the month so yeah
let’s go – lets go – lets show you just like the May so how it looked like so
yeah guys so in May I started like on the 8th or 9th and I think you can like
see my video like I talked about the journey but this is like when I started
running my store and I was I was I I had some coaching and stuff like that to
kind of like jumpstart my journey I also had some courses but they’re just kind
of like hidden mists so yeah the coaching and stuff like really helped me
and this was like the first month of doing yeah and this was like doing like
worldwide and stuff like that yeah so let’s go let’s go to the next month ok
so now we’re on June so like I said before I’ve failed so many times guys
and the biggest reason for my failure was just that I was
that I gave up but this time I really like you know stuck to it and took
action so what I what I want you two guys to do is just like start learning
plus applying you just gotta take a lot of action and apply what you learn and
during this month that is exactly what I did
I think I talked about the coaching with Mike which was for me it was
revolutionary because I started I I stopped for Mike I I learned so much
you know like about Facebook ads and just fulfillment and scaling and
everything so during this time during this time you know as you can see like I
scale to like 1k you know and I think there was a pro like within the first
month of doing Shopify or something like that yeah and then to to K you know and
then then it was like kind of like my products are to die and yeah I’m gonna
tell you like the two products one was like kind of niche the second the second
was like more general but what was interesting was like most of the sales
were from Instagram I think like 85% were from Instagram feed so thatís work
at the time very very well for me so yeah like I was you know like so let’s
go back and I’m gonna tell you like how many how many products I tested so
during the May I think I tested like two products the first one was a complete
failure and then the second one was the winner
and I think in the June I found the second kind of winner so like all the
revving you can see here during the June during June was like from two products yeah so I tested only three products and
I had like two products that were selling really really well you know so I
kind of didn’t understand that I’m in the importance of like testing new
products all the time and being consistent with testing new products so
my products are to die like as you can see like it died doing like I don’t know
a week or something like that just went completely you know and here
was like a my my failed attempt you like to revive it but as you can see like no
and during the time I stopped I kind of like lost all motivation I don’t know
maybe it was like depression or something because I was sleeping like 12
hours at night and then during the day I was also sleeping like 2 to 3 hours so I
was sleeping like you know like 12 to 15 hours per day like I had no energy so
during that time I didn’t really do anything and there was a reason why I
took a break from YouTube because I wasn’t really doing Shopify and I didn’t
really have like any energy to do anything okay so going into August so in
August like at the end of the August I graduated from University finally I
finally graduated it took me six years you know I’m not really proud of it it’s
kind of embarrassing that it took me so long but yeah like during this time I
wasn’t also like testing that many products as you can see like no like
nope I was testing like some products and they just weren’t working you know
so I was still like very like I was not motivated you know like I was kind of
you know stuck okay so during September so during the September it was kind of
like the same it was kind of like the same story you know I was testing
products I was struggling you know it was very like unmotivated to work but
still you know I just tried I try I said like man like I can’t give up you know I
gotta keep pushing you know so I started testing more products okay so now – the
interesting part I’m gonna show you how I scaled from 0 to 2.5 k and I don’t
know like two weeks or something like that so it’s 22nd the 27th was the day I
started testing this product and yeah let’s go – lets go – ads manager yeah so
let’s go to ads manager and yeah now we’re at 27th
– yeah so as you can see AK the ads manager isn’t very accurate
you know like they’re still missing like 300 dollars or something like that and
at spent so the ad spent was 3000 yeah so 3,300 dollars and this was the
revenue yeah so let’s go to order metrics and I’m gonna show you something
interesting you know I’m gonna show you like the the daily profits that they had
spent so you can see like some interesting things that I’ve learned so
far now I want to show you like hot like my journey like with scaling this
product and like with testing and scaling this product so the 27th of
September was the day I started this product I started testing it and like
right out like the first day was like very good and I think there were like
two outs icing like two products so guys keep in mind like during those two weeks
I was testing like I think like four products or something but now I’ve only
one product running so like I think this first day I had two products I was
testing and yeah like the results I was very surprised you know like like the
first day of testing I was like getting 21 percent profit you know that was
pretty good so the next day I think I decided to
increase the ad spend yeah so I crease it by $100 and that day like I was like
I lost money so yeah I was like I’m not sure you know if it’s a winner but I
feel like I see you like a potential in it so I just kept I just kept going
so the third day on day 3 so we can see kind of lowered the ad spend a little
bit tested some new ad sets you know turned off some and just one dollar
profit it’s kind of funny okay so day four okay so day four I also increase
the ad spin as you can see and but I lost quite a lot of money like like
fifty fifty five percent in the negative but that’s still fine
a thing like your loss I kind of like adding consistency like my conversion
rate like really dropped okay so let’s go to the
today I think it’s day five or something yeah day five okay so this day our kind
of like I try I try to like lower that spend as you can see but I was still
losing money so at that point I was thinking man maybe this product isn’t a
winner but butter yeah I just I just tried I just pushed again increase the
ad spent you know by fifty percent two hundred dollars but it started to get
better as you can see here so yeah like with finding your winners I thought it’s
gonna be like like you lose money like for the first week and then you start
making money or you start making money right away
but the thing is like with drop shipping it’s not linearly it’s like up and down
so you know like there is no there is no like cookie cutter there is no like one
weight that everything happens you know so even like with advice on Shopify drop
shipping not all advice works like what works for somebody does it doesn’t mean
that it work it will work for you so you just have to test what works for you you
know and that’s what I’m kind of doing here
so as you can see like the next day I was still losing money and now it’s been
like a week or something you know since I launched it and it’s still kind of
like up and down and up and down but they’re after like I think this is like
day seven like finally it started to perform a little bit you know at 14%
margin yeah so let’s go to like day eight or something like that so this day
this day like you know a conversion rate drop like a lot I think it was like 5%
or 6% like the day before and then it dropped by 50% and you know as you can
see I profit also drop so the lesson here is like guys you got to really try
to optimize your store your product page and as you can see like it really
affects a profitability you know so try to optimize it maybe I’m gonna make a
video on it if you guys are interested but let’s go to the next day so now it
has been like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so this is day 10 okay so day 10 so yeah so
let’s go so my ad spend didn’t really change but
as you can see like the conversion rate really increased and that led to a lot
of like profit you know I think it was just like adding because in consistency
that’s why I like my conversion suddenly dropped like buy so much so you’re gonna
experience that as well yeah so this is like the seventh I think on the 7 I
launched I launched like 30 ad sets of look-alikes you know like because like
okay so like here on Saturday I launched VC look-alikes and that really helped
you know as you can see like via content look likes and like my revenue just went
up a lot like it went from like 500 to 1,000 dollars then the next day yeah we
are at okay so here this day I launched like 30 assets of video view look like I
complete forgot about them so I launched those and yeah I prop like the margin
was like 19 19 percent yeah and yesterday Israeli was my best day so far
and it was 2.5 2.5 k yeah $2,500 but the margin was like really good it was like
29 percent you know profit was $700 and let’s look at today so so today I think
we’re through like the half of the day so half of the day is you know of the of
the ad spent you know so it’s half of the day and so far we are at
1.8 K so maybe we’ll end at free K I think probably around around 3k maybe a
little bit more but what you’re seeing right now like the 2.5 k and today it is
just it is just cold interests view content look-alikes video view
look-alikes there is no there’s no retargeting there
is no look likes for ad to card and purchase and that’s because I made a
huge mistake I start using like this app called pixel magic with that AB you can
have two pixels I wanted to have like a backup but yeah like the pixel magic
like the pixel from from dan from the app it it’s not working for my store
like I can’t I can’t really do like I can’t really create like custom
audiences for Add to Cart I can’t do retargeting you know because I’m doing
DP a dynamic product ads I’m doing IDP a ads but it’s not working because of that
so as you can see this is now like all without those look-alikes without
retargeting and I’m getting like 25 percent margin you know like 20 to 30
let’s say and this is all without retargeting and without those the best
look-alikes you know so if if I would have that it would be probably way way
better but yeah guys so yeah I hope this this was useful like this is like proof
if you guys like maybe don’t believe me or something you can see like the ads
band was 3000 that’s it you know as you can see you know I was struggling for I
don’t know like 2 or 3 months you know like I was doing like no revenue I and I
was like very discouraged you know but during that time I tested like 13 to 15
products and I found one there was really like a winner so the thing is
guys you’re kinda you’re kind of like one
product away from changing your life so really just keep going I don’t give up
and just work hard every day you know like if you if you won’t quit your job
or if you want to drop out of school which I kind of don’t recommend but yeah
like if you want to change your life just like dropshipping it’s not the best
business model but for people like for people who want to be like independent
line travel you know or create something from nothing you know like drop shipping
is still pretty good guys so yeah like don’t don’t watch those videos like that
drop shipping is dead it’s not dead it’s just become it’s just became a little
bit more challenging so you just need to learn how to be a better marketer you
just need to learn how to increase your conversion rate how to increase your
average order value and how to create really good like ads as well like ad
creatives you just got to learn a little bit more you know but it’s still it’s
still totally possible and I’m gonna be I’m gonna be showing you like I’m gonna
give you some updates on like how I’m doing with scaling I hope this was
helpful for you if you’re struggling just just keep going man just just keep
pushing just keep learning and keep applying you know like what you learn
just just take a lot of action like I have failed I think like ten businesses
like I said in the beginning of my channel and it was because I just gave
up like I got frustrated you know I stopped hustling I stopped learning I
stopped taking action and yeah like if you if you want to succeed you just
gotta keep taking action and keep trying if if you know a friend that’s
struggling with Shopify make sure to share this video with them
and yeah let me know what kind of videos do you guys want to see you it more
educational or motivational or yeah just let me know like what you guys want me
to cover thanks so much for watching my journey make sure to subscribe and see you
the next video


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    Happy to see that you're back Ivy & congratulations on graduating! it took me 5 years to get my engineering degree, so I kinda feel what you're saying

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    Awesome Bro .
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    really interesting and informative video Ivy. And I don't even do dropshipping… keep up the good work 🙂

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    Hey Ivy don't be ashamed in the time it took you to graduate. There is no deadline for success. Doesn't matter what year you graduated or how long it took. An achievement is an achievement no matter what it took or how long it took.

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