🌐 [tuto] comment suivre les statistiques d’un #googlesites avec google analytics

🌐 [tuto] comment suivre les statistiques d’un #googlesites avec google analytics

Hello everyone. It’s Lou’s
screenshot tuto. Today we are going to study how to track statistics
a google sites site with the tool free google analytics which is
used by most websites. In google sites, in this tab, you
go see the little sentence “analysis of sites “and in order to proceed with this
analysis he goes you need to get an identifier.
This identifier will allow you to follow the evolution of your statistics
on google analytics as you can see here on this
presentation page. For that, in google analytics, in the settings, you will click on “create a property “and when you arrive on
this page you enter the name of your site. You are going to get the url,
you copy it and paste it into the url bar right here. Little trick, you
see that the https is already entered, so for the name of your site to be
valid, it is sufficient at the beginning of the line of delete https and the site address is now valid. You can also remove at the end the
word greets and you click on get the tracking ID. I obviously had to hide this page so that malicious people can not
use my tracking IDs on sites to make me bad jokes but you get here a little figure that you will copy under the phrase ‘analyze your site’. copy the little identifier that has you
been provided. With this identifier and well you go
to be able to see the statistics of your site
which allows you as for the analytics of a youtube channel from
see how many different people are are connected, how long,
From which country these people are connecting. That’s it
allows you to have some number of items on your web pages and whether they are read well by the Internet users. This is the end of this tutorial. A
little click I like always happy and do not forget to subscribe or
to activate the bell to have others content. See you soon.


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