⭐️⭐️⭐️ CBD- MARKETING 2 – Which business opportunities are the best for beginners? (by Josh Zwagil)

⭐️⭐️⭐️ CBD- MARKETING 2 – Which business opportunities are the best for beginners? (by Josh Zwagil)

Hello and welcome to the opportunity
presentation. This is Josh Zwagil, CEO and founder of my daily choice and hempworx.
If you came to this webinar today because you’re excited about the
opportunity to create time freedom, financial freedom, you’re looking for
something part-time to do or full-time to do, or you’re excited about our
amazing life-changing products, you’ve come to the right place.
In this opportunity presentation I am going to cover everything from A to Z,
the company, the products, the opportunity, the system, and how to get started,
so let’s dive right in. Meet the founders… Okay, my wife and I
have been in the network marketing industry for two decades. We’ve traveled
around the world, building network marketing teams. We’ve spoken on stage in
front of tens of thousands of people, and since 2014 we’ve been passionate about
creating a true home for our affiliates, which has been the driving force for
some of the massive company growth that we’ve heading. Our mission is simple:
we want to reach the masses with products that work, and a business opportunity
that pays. So here’s what we’re going to discuss today on this webinar. These are
what I call the five pillars. These are the five things that really separate us
from other competitors, different network marketing companies, traditional
businesses etc. and you can really apply this to any business opportunity, so the
first thing is the products. Any time you join a business, start a business, you
want to promote products that are unique. Products that are highly consumable,
products that are affordable, and products that have some sort of
money-back guarantee, that let you know your consumers confidence in the product,
so we’re gonna talk a little bit about some of the products that we have in our
business. Today we’re also going to talk about the compensation plan. Anytime you
start a network marketing business, you want to be involved in a compensation
plan that pays, that is fair, balanced and lucrative. So our compensation plan pays
out up to 85% of the business volume. It pays weekly, pays monthly, we have a high customer reorder rate, so we’ll talk a little bit about the compensation plan.
We’re also going to talk a little bit about the company, my daily choice. This
is a business that was founded by affiliates, like I said – my wife and I,
we’ve been affiliates and distributors in the network marketing
industry for two decades, and we decided to come together and start our own
network marketing company for the people. We have a proven track record and our
business is 100% debt free. The fourth thing we’re going to talk about is the
timing. The timing right now could not be better to be involved in the network
marketing industry and the CBD- industry, which we’re gonna highlight
everything about CBD as well, and then the last thing is the system.
Anytime you join a business, even if you have good products, a good comp
plan, a good company and good timing, there has to be a system in place
that’s duplicatable, where the average person can run with it and have massive success,
and we’re going to talk a little bit about some of our customer websites or
marketing system, how our contact management system works.
The company growth of the last 18 months has been absolutely incredible for
ToBeAsYouAre. In 2017 we launched the hempworx brand, as you’ll
see in this webinar. We will talk a little bit about some of the
products. We brought 18 products to market and the growth was just off
the charts. We finished out at 9.6 million in sales in 2017, as you can see
in this chart. From 2017 to 2018 we grew by like eleven hundred percent,
so in 2018 we hit a hundred million in sales. I’ve always said you don’t
want to be involved in a business too early and you don’t want to be involved
in a business too late, you want to get in during the sweet spot and right now. This is the sweet spot. We are in hyper
momentum. You know we’ve got incredible products, we’ve got so many people
joining the business, a lot of people are seeing massive success, so when
it comes to timing, the timing is now to be involved in our business, because
we’re experiencing such this massive company growth, so let’s expand on that
company growth. I’ll tell you guys a little bit about our business we were
founded in 2014. Our corporate headquarters is here in Las Vegas. We do
all of our own fulfillment, so we pick, pack and ship here in Vegas. We’re a 100%
debt free privately held company, founded by network marketers – my wife and I, and
in the last 18 months we become one of the fastest growing network marketing
companies and fastest growing largest CBD companies in the entire industry.
We’ve been featured on business for home on my Vegas magazine, the mantra
magazine, drive magazine and like I said, eleven hundred percent record-breaking
growth in the last 18 months. A business model that works. So let’s talk a little
bit about network marketing and why this is the business model that we chose to
bring our products to market. I want you to look at the right side of this slide –
a traditional company. If I was a traditional company and we had this
traditional business, you know we would make products and we would take those
Prada, and we would pay celebrities, television, radio, billboards,
magazine ads, public advertisment, that’s how we would get
the word out about our products. We’d have a storefront, we’d have a grand
opening, that’s the traditional way of doing business… well, we decided that we
didn’t want to be like everyone else. We wanted to do this in a very unique way.
We’re big believers in word-of-mouth advertising. We pay ordinary people like
you and me to promote the product, so instead of us giving all of our money to
television and magazine and newspapers, we pay regular people to go out and
share our products. That is a business model that works and it’s the
business of the 21st century. Here’s a slide where you can see all of the
different industries: You’ve got American football, the NFL, nine point five billion
in sales. The music industry – sixteen point five billion in sales. Video gaming sixty-seven billion in sales. The movie industry eighty billion in sales. Organic
products 91 billion in sales. Then you’ve got network marketing at the end here: a
hundred and eighty nine billion in sales. So I always ask people looking at this
chart, does network marketing work? Numbers don’t lie. At a hundred eighty
nine billion, we’re seeing around the world a trend of where every ten seconds
somebody is starting a home-based business. There’s a huge shift happening
right now, where more and more people are building
an online business, a home-based business, and we give people a roadmap to be able
to do that with cutting-edge products and systems to duplicate. So let’s talk
a little bit about our products: You know, like I said at the beginning, you want
products that are highly unique, products that are highly consumable, products that
are affordable, and we’ve brought a bunch of really incredible products to market.
Some of them we’ve had since 2014. Then we lounch the hempworx brand
in 2017. So let’s talk a little bit about our oral nutritional sprays. These are
the first six products that we launched in 2014, and what I love most about the
sprays, is a couple things: One – there’s a 98% absorption rate when you take these
sprays. If you go to Google and you look up the physician’s Reference Desk, you’ll
see it’ll show you all the different applications: Transdermal x’ pills
capsules, gels, you’ll see sublinguals on that chart, and sublinguals is at a 98
percent absorption rate. So what that means, is however many milligrams of
active ingredients are in these sprays, your body is absorbing more of the
active ingredient, so people tend to get faster and better results, whereas if you
take like a pill or capsule, you only have a 10 to 15 percent absorption rate
of the active ingredient in those products. So the first spray is shield and alkalinity spray. It’s got coral calcium, helps to balance your pH
levels, incredible spray to promote overall wellness. We also have boost a natural energy spray. It’s got vitamin b12 helps to increase your
energy levels and it’s got natural caffeine from coffee bean. The third
spray is brain spray. It’s got cognizant sensor oil, helps to regulate mood, helps
to improve cognitive function and memory. I’m a competitive chess player and for
me that spray is key, because it helps me get in the zone and it helps me stay
focused. The fourth spray is trim 365. It’s a
weight management spray. It’s got Garcinia cambogia and helps to suppress the appetite. The fifth spray, which is actually our most popular spray, is the
sleep spray. It’s got melatonin and valerian root. It helps to regulate
your circadian clock and helps you maintain a helped healthy sleep cycle,
and then the last pray is peak, which is got deer antler velvet. it’s got super fruits and antioxidants, helps to boost the immune
system, and it’s just a great performance enhancer, helps to improve
your general health. So these are the six sprays in our lineup, and I’ll just say
that for $24.95 to get a 30 day supply of these types of products, that all use
incredible ingredients, that just great for overall health of the
body. You can’t go wrong with these sprays and the way that they work. It’s six sprays per day, so with the shield that boost the brain, the sleep and
the peak, the trim 365 is six phrase before each meal, so
you can do six phrase before breakfast lunch and dinner.
Okay, let’s talk about the CBD industry. If you have not heard what’s happening
in the CBD industry, pay attention carefully. This is a chart from the hemp
Business Journal and it shows that by 2022 the CBD industry is going to be
worth over two billion dollars in an annual revenue, and then what’s
interesting is a few weeks later, Forbes came out, Rolling Stone magazine came out, and they said that the CBD industry is expected to become a twenty two billion
dollar industry by 2022, what’s crazy, isn’t it? In 2017 and 2018 the industry
only finished out at approximately 600 million in annual revenue, so the way I
look at it is we’ve got an industry, here in front of us, that’s gonna go from 600
million in sales to 22 billion in a four year period, and it’s happening right now. We’re in 2019, so 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, four years to have that type of
explosion happen in this industry. So when we talk about timing, when we talk
about picking the right industry, you could not be partnering with a better
company right now than us, to capitalize on this emerging CBD industry. Let’s talk
a little bit about the history of hemp, because hemp has a very deep-rooted
history in the United States. It’s among the oldest industry on the planet. It
goes back more than 10,000 years to the beginnings of pottery. American
farmers were legally required to grow hemp during the colonial era, and the
first American flag was made from hemp. The Declaration of Independence was
drafted on him. In 1937 Congress passed the marihuana Tax Act, which effectively
began the era of the hemp prohibition, and then if you look at the fourth one,
here in 2014, the farm bill allowed hemp in certain states for research, and
one of the states that was a key player was Kentucky. They initiated the current
hemp movement, and when we got into this industry, we partnered with farms in
Kentucky. In 2018 president Trump signed the 2018 farm
bill, which specified hemp as an industrial by-product not to be
regulated or criminalized by the DEA. marijuana versus hemp. A lot of
people are confused about what the difference is between hemp and marijuana,
so I’m gonna show you this slide, so that you know that there is a difference.
Cannabis is the name for a plant genus, and hemp and marijuana are two types of
the cannabis plant. Hemp comes in only one variety, which is cannabis sativa,
while marijuana comes in two varieties: Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. What separates hemp and marijuana is how they are grown. Marijuana plants are
grown far apart. They encourage lots of branches and they’re harvested only after it produces flower, and that results in a high THC
content, which gives you that psychoactive effect, or what you know
people call the high, and then on the other side, hemp plants are grown close
together, to encourage long stalks and few branches. They’re harvested
before the plants produce flowers, so the result is high in cannabinoids like CBD
and it has strong fibers for industrial uses. It contains 0.3 percent THC or
less, so in layman’s terms, marijuana has a high THC content, which is the
psychoactive compound, while hemp on the other side is high in CBD, which is not a
psychoactive, because it has less than 0.3 percent THC basically trace amounts isolated, versus full spectrum. This is a
really good slide, because a lot of people are asking what’s the difference
between full spectrum CBD and isolated. So full spectrum uses whole plant
extracts, and where you know you’ll see in some of our products that you know,
that’s the main product that we offer in the marketplace: Our full spectrum oils.
So full spectrum uses the whole plant extract, so what that means is you’re
getting a ton of cannabinoids and terpenoids, and trace amounts of THC. When you have all of those compounds together in a product, it activates trillions of
receptors in the endocannabinoids system, and those compounds work together
synergistically to create the entourage effect. There’s a wider therapeutic
range if you go to the other side, isolate our CBD products, where the
THC and all other compounds are removed, to isolate just the CBD. This is a higher
concentration of CBD per bottle. You do not have the entourage effect and
there’s a smaller therapeutic range. Okay, the hint works different, so what really separates the hempworx products from other CBD products out there, I’m gonna
break it down to you in this slide. First thing is the farming. All of our raw
materials are grown in the USA. We use a fresh lock drying system, so the products
get vacuum sealed after harvest, and that’s to remove any mold you know,
toxins or anything that could damage the phytochemicals in those plants. We use
Kentucky farms or farms of FDA compliant. Testing is also a big deal for us. We’re
fully transparent with our customers. We do gas chromatography tests,
antimicrobial tests, we have certificates of analysis, and we do potency tests. Also
extraction is a big deal when it comes to CBD products. We use a co2
method that’s free of harmful solvents. it’s a low temperature extraction and
it’s alcohol and ethanol free. We also have ingredients in our product, so we have the CBD, and then we use hemp seed oil as
a carrier oil, and then it’s either steam distilled peppermint or cinnamon, and
then lastly, our products are non-gmo and sustainable. They’re produced on American
farms. We use all organic and sustainable methods and they’re free of GMOs
synthetics fillers and other harmful ingredients testing and documentation.
Our product development team is passionate about creating safe and
effective products. All of our products undergo third-party testing, so
before it enters our warehouse, you know throughout the entire process our
products go through rigorous testing, so if you go to our website wwlp.com/documentation, you will see over 200 tests that we’ve performed on our
products, and like I said, everything from gas chromatography tests, to
antimicrobial tests, potency tests, certificates of analysis on every batch
of product, and we believe so strongly in the quality of our products, that we give
all of our customers an empty bottle 60-day money-back guarantee, so you know at the end of this presentation, if you know throughout the entire thing, you say
“you know what Josh, this sounds great, I’ll become a customer”, you can try the
products out for 60 days. There’s a money-back guarantee and it’s an empty
bottle, so that’s just you know we do that for our customers and our consumers,
because we believe so strongly that our products work and people are going to
get good results. Okay. The u.s. hemp roundtable. At the USH round table there’s a subsidiary program. It’s the u.s. hemp Authority. On
March 1st 2019, the u.s. hemp Authority announced the first awardees of its
certification seal to 13 companies that met standards, and this basically just
means that for quality and for safety, this seal will show the rest of the
industry, it’s kind of like the gold standard that you know, whatever label
this seal is on, that it’s a quality safe and effective product to use, and hempworx was one of 13 companies that you know, receive this seal, so as we update
our labels, this seal will go on to the labels, which is really exciting. So let’s
talk a little bit about some of the products that we have available. So the
first products are the hempworx tinctures. We have the tinctures
in two concentrations, a 500 milligram concentration and a 750 milligrams
concentration, and we have it in three flavors: cinnamon, natural and peppermint,
and like I said before, every one of our oils is produced on American farms, using
sustainable massive methods, so free of GMOs synthetics fillers and other
harmful ingredients. If you look at the right side of this slide here, you’ll see
that there’s a white cap and and we do offer a THC free version of the full
spectrum oil, so if you are subject to drug screening or you’re afraid of the
trace amounts of THC, you can opt for the THC free oils that we have, and we
have that in the peppermint flavor in two concentrations – the 500 milligram and
the 750 milligram. Each bottle has 50 servings, so if you’re using a 500
milligram oil, it’s 10 milligrams per serving. If you’re using a 750 milligram
bottle, it’s 15 milligrams per serving, so it’s the same bottle size. The only
difference is the concentration of active ingredient in these products.
Hempworx for pets: If you’ve got a pet that you love and you want to put them on on CBD products, we have two products available: our
imports dog treats, and our pet oil. Both extremely popular products here at hempworx, in my daily choice, so the hempworx dog treats have two point five
milligrams of CBD per cookie, they’re 100% natural, they’re wheat soy and corn
free, and formulated by veterinarians. On the right hand side we have our pet oil,
so there’s two hundred and fifty milligrams of active CBD per bottle, and
these oils are bacon flavored. We do use the full spectrum of the whole plant.
in our pet oil, so these are the products for pets we give them. We have
two little dogs that I’m sure you could find on social media, Stella and Leila,
we’re there also in the rap video as well, and they absolutely love the dog
treats and the pet oil hempworx topical. So there’s three topicals we
have renew revive and relief for use and anti-aging cream. It helps reduce the
appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and Renuew contains 50 milligrams of the active CBD and zero THC. The revived cream is infused with collagen retinal
and helps support the appearance of diminished fine lines. That product
also includes fifty milligrams of the active CBD, and then the third topical,
which is actually the most popular, is our relief icy topical rub. That’s
infused with emu oil. it’s got some other really powerful ingredients in it as
well. That product contains 50 milligrams of the active CBD, so these are the
topicals that we have: the renew and the revive. You
use those as more of a skincare, you know, beauty type of product, and the relief is
more for, you know, aches, or you know, different things you’re experiencing on
your body. So I put the relief cream on my neck, my back, shoulders, knees, etcetera, that’s awesome product for that. Okay, hempworx coffee, so at our last
convention we rolled out coffee and creamers and this is a product that I’m
really really excited about, so if you look at the coffee, I mean coffee is one
of, you know, the most traded largest commodities in the world. In almost every
country people are drinking coffee, and when it comes to coffee, people are
either getting their coffee at the grocery store, going to a restaurant, or
going to like a Starbucks or another, you know, retail store, to get their coffee, or
a cafe, and we decided that we wanted to get into that market, and how cool would
it be to infuse, you know, the hemp and the CBD into instant coffee, so we have
hemp infuse instant coffee. There’s five milligrams of the active CBD per cup, and
this is an organic medium roast Arabica coffee. It is instant, so they come in
ripstix. There’s 30 servings per box. You rip the stick off, you pour it into,
you know, a cup of hot water and mix it up. There’s no brewing required, they’re
super convenient, they’re very little rip sticks, so you can throw them in
your purse or put them in your backpack, and you’re ready to go for when you
travel. And it’s very affordable: if you break down the price, it comes to
about two dollars and 30 cents per cup, and they’re gluten free, vegan, and
non-gmo, so that’s the hemp infused coffee, and then we also thought, well, how
cool would it be to put creamers together, that you could pair with the
coffee, so we have three keto coffee creamers. They come in three flavors:
hazelnut, vanilla and mocha. There are 75 milligrams of the hemp derived CBD
per box, which is also five milligrams per cup. They’re gluten free, they’re
vegan, they’re non-dairy, and they’re sugar-free, and with both, the coffee and
the creamers, there’s zero THC, so if you want to use the coffee and the creamer
together, you’d be getting about 10 milligrams of CBD per cup, which is
equivalent to taking a full dropper of like our 500 milligram tincture. Okay,
this is one of the new products that we launched. It’s our hempworx bath box, so
if you’re somebody that likes to take a bath, these are the products to use. So
this bath box has four scented CBD bath bombs, each containing 100 milligrams of
hemp seed oil and 10 milligrams of the CBD, and they come in four different
scents, so we have lavender, which you know helps to kind of calm and soothe, you have lemongrass, to balance and uplift, sea salt to refresh and
revitalize, and citrus to cleanse and refine. Okay, real people real results:
Guys, in the last 18 months there has been over 300,000 people that have used
these products around the world, and the results have been off the charts. We’ve
done, you know, live roadshow events, we’ve done webinars, we’ve done zoom calls and
hearing, all of the different stories from around the world, of what these
products have done, has been absolutely incredible. So don’t take my word for it
on this webinar. If you’re skeptical about these products, do your own
research, look on the internet, you’ll find testimony after testimony of people
happy from using our products, and just as a disclaimer, any of the
statements on this webinar have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease. Okay, now we’re gonna shift into the compensation plan, so you
know so far we’ve covered the industry, the time, you know, the timing, the
products, and now we’re gonna talk about the compensation plan and the business
opportunity, so if you’re sitting on this webinar right now and you’re thinking,
you know what Josh, I get it, the products are exciting, the industry timing is
exciting, but how do I turn this into a business? How do I take these products
and run with it? How do I make money?.. let me tell you a little bit about the
compensation plan we’ve put together. It’s one of the most aggressive, lucrative, and
balanced compensation plans in the industry, and ours has up to an 85%
payout. There’s two types of customers that we
have: preferred customers and retail customers. So when you become an
affiliate, you can go out and get preferred customers, who are ordering
product on a ongoing monthly basis, or retail customers, that are purchasing the
product just once and you get paid for both – for getting both preferred customers and retail customers. We also have a binary
compensation plan, so that’s two legs, and you get up to 20% in binary commissions.
There’s ten levels of jumpstart commissions, which pay out weekly. We do
up to ten levels of check matching. We have a global bonus pool, where we set
aside two percent of our company revenue. I always joke about this and I say hey,
at your job, does your boss call you up and say “Hey, here’s some profit sharing
on the company”… absolutely not. My bosses have never said that when I was
working, you know, traditional nine-to-five jobs, we actually set aside
two percent of the revenue and you, as an affiliate, can participate in some of the
exciting company growth that we’re experiencing. We have one time rank
bonuses which are anywhere from $500 to $500,000, depending on the rank that
you hit, you know, 5k Affiliate, all the way up to master affiliate, we have
monthly rank bonuses, which are split into two categories, and Auto Club, and
expense accounts, so with the Auto Club you can earn on the low end one hundred
and fifty dollars a month, towards a vehicle all the way up to $1,000 per
month, towards a vehicle with the expense accounts… On the low end you can earn up
to $2,000 a month, all the way to the high end, where it’s a hundred thousand
dollars per month in an expense account For the monthly rank bonuses. This
compensation plan pays weekly. It also pays monthly, and there’s several
different payment options available. Direct deposit. We also offer the ability
for you to get your commission’s in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and for
international we have Payoneer, and just as a disclaimer – there are no guarantees
regarding the income that you can earn from the companies opportunity, so the success or failure, like any other business, depends
on your skill set and your personal effort. Okay, Marketing System. This is
actually my favorite part, so we’ve talked about, you know, the company, we’ve
talked about the products, we’ve talked about how to get paid, we’ve talked about
industry timing, all of that is amazing, but when it comes to actually building a
business, this is where it’s important. The
marketing system we’ve put together from 20 years of experience, my wife and I as
marketers, we’ve put together a duplicatable system that the average
person can use and have massive success with in our business, so when you become
an affiliate, there are 16 different marketing pages that you can use.
Everything from a sample funnel, to lead capture pages, to customer
websites… Some of our pages have an autoresponder follow-up system with, so
just as an example, you promote one of your capture pages to your friends,
family, prospects… they opt-in, they’re gonna start to get emails from the
company on your behalf and you don’t even have to set any of it up at all. There’s
also a contact management system, so what’s so amazing about this system, is
you don’t need to be an expert. You don’t need to be a guru. You don’t even need to
have any experience. As soon as you enroll, the system automatically built
for you a coded to you, to your username, and you can get access to the system
right away. It’s 100% free, no cost to you, so when you become an affiliate,
you’re getting this full marketing suite to go out and build your business, and
what’s so amazing about that, is if you were to go out and try to duplicate or
replicate this in a different company or different business, it would cost you
hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to put together, and
it may not work. This is coming from 20 years of experience in the industry, and
what’s so rewarding for us is we’ve seen people that have never made money before
on the internet, or they’ve never made money before in network marketing, and
they’re using this system breaking ranks, having massive success. Okay, so getting
started: there are two options to getting started after this webinar.
One is you can become a preferred customer, so after watching this webinar,
if you say Josh, you know what, the products are exciting, the industry is
exciting, I would like to just be a customer and try the products out, that’s
absolutely fine. You can buy the member pricing, you can have the product
shipped directly to your doorstep, just like if you were ordering on Amazon or
another big business out, you know, retail e-commerce business out there. You
can’t earn commissions in the compensation plan because you’re just a
customer, but as a preferred customer you can actually refer three people and get
your product for free, so if that’s what you want to do and you’re saying “hey, I
want to try the coffee the creamers, the tinctures topicals, I want to try the
sprays out”, you can become a preferred customer, so what you need to do after
this webinar if that’s for you, is to get back to Esther and Moti Argaman, who invited you onto this webinar, or if you’re watching this webinar on the tour, you’re gonna click
on the order button and you’re gonna select, you know, becoming a
preferred customer, and you can have the product shipped directly to your
doorstep now. If you think the industry is exciting, the products are exciting,
companies exciting, but you also see the value in becoming an affiliate and
building a business, you can become an affiliate. It’s a one-time twenty dollar
activation fee. You buy the products at member pricing, it gets shipped directly
to your doorstep, but you can participate in the events, the community, the culture,
you can earn commissions in the compensation plan by sharing these
products and the business with others… The last thing that I want to tell you
guys before we end this webinar, is timing is everything. You don’t want
to get started too early in a business, you don’t want to get started too late…
When you look at the network marketing industry, at a hundred and eighty nine
billion dollars a year, and you look at the CBD industry to go from six hundred
million to twenty two billion dollars a year, and you look at the type of company
growth we’ve had with these products, powered by individuals that have a
proven track record, with a system that duplicates, and there’s a 60 day
money-back guarantee you have, that as a no-brainer there’s no risk, and all you
have to do is do your own due diligence and research, if you look up, if you go to
business for home and you look up some of the top income earners, you’ll
see, you know, that for instance my wife Jenna, she’s number two on
list of income, you’ll see some of our other leaders in the company on the
top income earner list, that could be you by taking advantage of this opportunity,
and it’s still early right now, where we’re here in 2019 and the CBD industry
is starting to just get traction and traction, and it’s blowing up… Now is the
time to get involved in this business, so whether you want to become a preferred
customer or an affiliate, get back to Esther and Moti Argaman from ToBeAsYouAre, who invited you to this info video, go to www.2bsur.net, get enrolled, and we’ll see you guys at the top. So
thank you again for watching this video, we’ll see you guys on the next
step. Thank you.


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    Moroccan Jewish Cuisine - מטעמי יהדות מרוקו

    I just made research and found that this company has the fastest growth in the CBD industry. The top marketer of the company is positioned Nr. 1 of the industry, generate monthly residual income of $1,060,000 (estimated $12,720,000 annual).

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