Как тянет игры пекарня из 2003 года в 2019-м? | FX 5600XT Pentium 4 1 Gb RAM

Как тянет игры пекарня из 2003 года в 2019-м? | FX 5600XT Pentium 4 1 Gb RAM

In short, fucking, I decided to post the long-shot content about pentium 4 which on board is not DDR, but RDRAM
memory, moreover, its volume is equal to one gigabyte. This processor has been overclocked to frequency two and a half gigahertz, in memory I put a bolt (IDGAF). As a video card, This stove (PC) used a stub from Nvidia fx 5600 xt. Flatout, in general, goes fuck up (well), play
it is possible but who would doubt it. Halva (Half-Live) generally has a stupid lock at 100 fps,
Why did I test it at all? The video card stupidly does not support * third shaders because Limbo did not start. [music]
Nice co-console frame rate on minimal. I can note that the video card is bull
shit. For this stove (PC) you need something more powerful, for stalker gigabyte of RAM
fucked a little he sometimes crashes even on cordon, other games in general
playable. And yes, RDRAM rambus memory bullshit. Fucked long loading, unplayable
fucking. In short, the conclusion here is, according to this ancient computer
if you want to play something, then take at least core 2 duo or pentium d
with video card type 9600 GT and the computer should have 4 gigabytes of RAM,
then your suffering will not be so terrible. Anyway, sell your 4 stumps (Pentiums),
if you fucking are going to play this then you bitch is not at the address, on them only in
Word zayebok (okay) working with the rest fucked, and yes here is a bonus at the end.
you motherfucker, come here shit of a dog, you decided to climb me you stinky asshole
your mother come on here try to fuck me i I’ll fuck you bastard onanist fucking
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    насколько я помню даже radeon 9600 натягивал почти всю линейку fx,самая провальная серия у nvidia

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    Охотники за Торнадо

    У меня 5600 128mb AGP сталкер тени чернобыля на средних не плохо тянет c процом 3000MHZ+ и один ядром с двумя потоками, 1.5 гб озу 266MHZ

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    Carl Dornan

    почему у автора так мало подписчиков, ведь контент такой прикольный блина =——-)

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